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Last modified: September 10, 2020

Prostart Level 2 – Hm 1110

Course Description/Overview/Welcome Statement

Prostart is a program of the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.  This course introduces students to career opportunities in the restaurant and the food industry and provides them with foundational skills in culinary arts and restaurant management that will jump-start their post-secondary experience, in college and /or careers.  This is a Concurrent Enrollment Course, offering both high school credit through Timpview High School and college credit through Utah Valley University. This course is designed to train students for career opportunities in the food service/culinary arts industry.  Students will learn to use and maintain commercial food service equipment, perform quality food preparation, and establish their own food service business.

Learning Expectations

Strand 1: Students will explore basic marketing concepts of the foodservice and hospitality industry.

Strand 2: Students will examine the development, construction and management of menu concepts.

Strand 3: Students will identify the characteristics of eggs and dairy products, and participate in the preparation of egg and dairy products.

Strand 4: Students will explore the facets of breakfast foods and participate in the preparation of various breakfast foods.

Strand 5: Students will explore and utilize fruits by participating in different cooking methods for preparing fruits.

Strand 6: Students will explore and utilize vegetables by participating in different cooking methods for vegetables.

Strand 7: students will compare and contrast different types of grains, legumes, potatoes, and pasta as they participate in the preparation of different recipes.

Strand 8: Students will identify methods of cost control for a foodservice business.

Strand 9: Students will analyze food costing and methods for control in the foodservice business.

Strand 10: Students will describe the effects of labor costing to a business’s success.

Strand 11: Students will evaluate purchasing and inventory procedures.

Strand 12: Students will apply concepts to build a successful team.

Strand 13: students will articulate why sustainability is important to the foodservice/ hospitality industry.

Strand 14: Students will apply basic nutrition concepts within the foodservice / hospitality operation.

Strand 15: Students will apply nutrition concepts to build healthful menus.

Strand 16: Students will identify the various forms of meat and its preparation.

Strand 17: Students identify the various forms of poultry and its preparation.

Strand 18:  Students will identify the various forms of seafood and its preparation.

Strand 19: Students will demonstrate knowledge of yeast bread preparation by participation in yeast bread lab.

Strand 20: Students will demonstrate proficiency in preparing cakes and pies.

Strand 21: Students will demonstrate various dessert preparations.

Strand 22: Students will practice proper plating and garnishing techniques.






Assessment of Progress



You will receive the same grade for your high school course as you receive for your college course.  Your grade will be based upon to following:

93-100%       A                   86-89%         B+               76-79%        C+        66 – 69%      D+

90-92%         A-                  83-85%         B                 73 – 75%       C          63 -65%        D

80-82%         B-               70-72%        C-         Below 59%   F

Grades are generally updated weekly and are posted in the class.  Please check Powerschool frequently to monitor your grade. Grades are based on lectures, labs, quizzes, tests, fieldtrips and guest speakers Participation points are a critical component in this class.  Each day, each student can earn 20 points for being in their seat ready for class, using class time as directed and clean up. If guest speakers, field trips, labs, and quizzes are given when a student is absent they are no able to make these points up.

NOTICE:  If you are receiving UVU credit for this class your grade for this class will become part of your permanent college transcript and will affect your GPA.  A low grade in this course can affect college acceptance and scholarship eligibility



Course Materials


National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, 2017, Foundations of Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts.

There is also a $20.00 lab fee for this class per semester.

Classroom Procedures

Calendar of Due Dates for Major Assignments

One sweet festival: Spetember 6th  – Provo

Get The Scoop: Septemeber 23rd – Provo High School

ProStart training: Training in Salt Lake, with tentative dates being either October 28th or 30th.

Prostart culinary and management team training: Salt Lake City: tentative dates is for the first of November.

UVU Culinary school:  January 2019 (Date to be determined)

SLCC Culinary school: Date to be determine

Progress Reports and Report Cards

Connecting Home to School

If you or your student has questions about the class please contact me through email.

Instructor Name:  Virginia Nicholson

Room: L-34

Phone: 801-221-9720


Personal Statement and other items (optional)

Students will have the opportunity to participate in FCCLA and ProStart competitions during 2nd semester.   If a student is interested in participating in these activities contact Mrs. Nicholson.