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Timpview High School

Last modified: September 10, 2020

Russell Oliphant

Important dates:

September 18 Choir Preview Concert (all choirs)

October 10-12 All-State Choir (select students)

October  30 Halloween Concert (all choirs)

November 21-23* Madrigals Retreat to St George

December 6 Temple Square Performances (M, AC, SV)

December 11 December Choir Concert (all choirs)

January 28-29 School Solo and Ensemble (all students)

February 15* Choir Valentine’s Dinner/Show (all choirs)

February 20-23 Choir Tour to California (A Cappella)

February 29 Provo School District Masterworks Festival (M)

March 4 Choir Concert with Centennial MS (all choirs)

March 11 Region Solo and Ensemble and Chamber Choir Festival (M, qualifying students)

March 16 Region Men’s and Women’s Festival (Men, Women’s)

March 28 ACDA Men’s Choir Festival (Men’s)

April 15 Region Large Choir Festival (AC, SV)

April 25 State Solo and Ensemble Festival and State Madrigal Festival

May 6 Choir Concert (all choirs)

May 7-9 State Large Choir Festival

May 12 Choir end of year Social (all students and families)

May 20* Graduation (A Cappella)

*Dates subject to change