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Timpview High School

Last modified: September 22, 2023

Club Listing

Review our full list of Clubs offered this year and then visit their booths at your lunch to sign up! If signing up after Club Week, please contact the Club Advisor and Club President (Information can be found on the link below)

Note: Clubs must comply with the following regulations when running a club on campus:

  1. ADVISORS: All clubs must have a staff advisor (or district employee). This advisor must be approved by the administration, and be present at all activities and/or meetings. Staff may only be responsible for a maximum of two clubs. 

  2. MEETING TIMES: Clubs may only meet on campus on Monday-Thursday, from 2:30-4pm. All other meetings must be approved by the administration.

  3. NAMING OF CLUBS: All clubs must have an appropriate name. Names may NOT include the Timpview name. Please name your club like the following, “Electronics Club,” and NOT “Timpview’s Electronic Club.”

  4. PARTICIPANTS & VOLUNTEERS: All participants must be current Timpview students. All other adult volunteers must be background checked by the district.