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Last modified: November 3, 2021

Club Listing

Name of Club Purpose/Function of Club How often do you plan to meet as a group? Teacher Advisor over your Club Teacher Advisor Email Video Explanation
American Cancer Society on campus (ACS on campus) Cancer has effected almost everyone through, loved ones, friends, and or yourself.The goal of ACS on campus is to get high schoolers in the fight against cancer. In ACS on campus we will have four main focus areas

  • Mission Integration (cancer information)
  • Survivor and caregiver engagement
  • Fundraising
  • Advocacy

through out the school year we will plan and complete a project in each of these four categories. Come help the fight against cancer

Twice a month Ashlyn Bacon
Art Club To do art together and explore creativity with people that are in art classes, people that have taken art classes, people that love art, and people who want to do some art, even if they don’t think they’re very good at it. In that way we can include many diverse people. To build a community amongst Timpview students by doing art together. We would do chalk drawings, beautify the campus, make art for the seminary building, talk about the basics of art, work with other clubs to do service projects, do our own service projects. Twice a month Michelle Landers
Badminton club To bring people together and meet new people and make new friends and social and do something new. Twice a month Robertson
Boys Volleyball We are forming boys volleyball club so the boys who are interested can play. Timpview doesn’t currently have a boys volleyball team. We are wanting to get more people interested in boys volleyball. If people don’t know how to play, that’s fine. All you need is to be interested. We will learn/teach how to play. As Well as having fun playing.

We are getting convenient time slots for the gym. We would be meeting there. We would be doing stretches, setting up, Learning about the game, If what we learn is a technique or strategy or basics. We would be doing that. We would practice what we have learned before as well. Then we would play games among ourselves to help with experience practice. Then clean up.

Twice a month Jordan Faucette
Caring for Education We will create study groups, homework help group chats, and basically just a strong network to help you succeed in school. Not only will be creating a good environment at Timpview, but we will also be creating opportunities for fundraisers, supplies drives, and volunteer events to help Mountainland Headstart Preschool in Provo. Mountainland Headstart Preschool is a nonprofit organization that helps children dealing with trauma, malnutrition, poverty, and disabilities to get a the foundation they need for their education and life. Weekly Alison Van Orden
CLOSE UP Local, National and International Government Club. Activities will include preparing to attend Close Up in Washington DC & New York City April 4-10. Finding Local government events, providing awareness of government, host fundraisers to earn money for students to attend event. Twice a month
Close Up Club Actively learn about US government through local and national events. Close Up Trip in April to Washington DC and New York City. Twice a month Donny Atuaia
Cosplay Club The purpose of the club is to create a safe environment for people to be themself. We learn methods used for cosplaying and put it into practice for our members to use for cosplay. We wanted to be able to create a safe space where students could embrace this hobby that many people make fun of. So we created the cosplay club which is lgbtq+ friendly and all for everyone interested in cosplay and more! Weekly Kasey Cannon
DECA Deca is part of a national program where students can participate in competitions all based around different areas of business, from marketing, to start up plans. We will have some meetings but the majority will be meetings where we either prepare for or leave for regional, state, and national competitions. We hope to also do a service activity as was required in the past and we believe is a good thing. Monthly Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Carter
Doodles club (art is my hobbie) To provide a safe place where you get to try new art styles and meet new people. Twice a month Mrs. Tua’one
Drama Club The club will revolve around different aspects of theatre. The purpose is to keep people involved in theatre for the whole year. Twice a month Mr. Avila
Drum Club This club exists to teach people the basics of drumming and how to participate in drum circles. It will most likely be very relaxed with the intention of allowing people to enjoy drumming without undue stress. Twice a month Mr. Bolton
Dungeons and Dragons Club Have you ever wanted to play D&D? Are you a fan of the game, but you haven’t played much since Covid? Are you one of those that has been playing it and just want even more? If so, then the D&D Club is the perfect opportunity for you!

We will meet every other friday after school in Mr. Singleton’s room and have a blast playing the game. We also have a discord where we’ll get to know each other better, talk about the game, and organize additional sessions as wanted. Even if you only come occasionally, or don’t know how to play yet, we’d love to have you!

Disclaimer: The D&D Club is not responsible for the consequences of thinking that the Kobolds in the city aren’t plotting against you, picking up magic items out in the open, meeting Murderhobos, and volunteering when the DM says “Who walks in first?”

Twice a month Mr. Singleton
Entrepreneurship To learn more about how to start businesses and campaign online Twice a month Ashlyn Bacon
Environmental Club This club is to raise awareness about environmental issues in our community, state, country, and world. We will work together to come up with project ideas that will contribute to bettering the environment like getting recycling bins at the tennis courts, having a clothing drive, and more. Monthly Ms. Kartchner
Esports Students can participate in competitive play of video games on a team with other dedicated tournaments. We will play games against other schools and give students the resources to improve their skills in order to compete. Weekly Dr. Gabbitas
FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) Activities and Competitions relating the Business Monthly Mrs. Carter and Mr. Johnson
FCCLA FCCLA competition and activities. Weekly Mrs Nickleson, Miss bunn, Mr Reed
Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) We’ll gather queer students and allies together to form a safe space and support system. We’d meet about every other week for activities where we educate about the LGBTQIA+ community, serve in and out of school, and hang out to alleviate anxiety and form strong bonds. Twice a month Michael Avila
Girls Who Code “Girls Who Code is an organization that values diversity, equity, and inclusion as essential to our mission.” In this club, members will learn about coding and computer science. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn something new and put something notable in your college applications. Anyone is welcome to join regardless of skill level. Since this club’s national curriculum is focused on teaching the beginning and intermediate level members, please email me if you are advanced and would like to help lead the club. We will be meeting approximately twice a month. You should join this club because it’ll be fun! Twice a month Mrs. Fullerton
Key Club We will be doing lots of service activities to help our community, helping people nationally and even worldwide. Monthly Cinda Morgan
Kpop Dance Club We will be dancing to kpop and starting many friendships. We hope to spread the positive inspiration of kpop to Timpview High School. Having weekly dance practice, playing games and having conversations about kpop. Weekly Hollie Anderson
Live Wire Kids get together and play music, like with guitars and their drums. Another purpose is that we could help people find band mates for like a rock band. So, in short, its a club for people who want to play in bands and just write music with other people. Weekly Bowen Martin
Magic: the Gathering Club People bring their cards and decks and play games of Magic, as well as trade and talk. Weekly Mr. Oliphant (I emailed him two days ago and he hasn’t responded but I will talk to him tomorrow in class and email you with a different teacher by the end of tomorrow if it doesn’t work for him.)
Math Club To compete in competitions such as math madness, the amc, and math olympiad. We practice, complete, have food, and play math related games. Weekly Anne Crosland
Mock Trial Mock Trial prepares for a state wide multi round trial competition in January-March. Participants will prepare a case in teams as a lawyer or witness. Great way to meet people, build public speaking/acting skills, and looks good on a resume! Weekly Alison Van Orden
Model United Nations Model United Nations is for students who love diplomacy. Come party with us, learn how the UN works, give rousing speeches, write cool papers about changing the world, and enjoy excused absences for swag conferences.

Conferences this year may include but aren’t limited to:

  • UVU Conference
  • BYU Conference
  • State, at Weber State University

We will have bimonthly meetings in which our awesome council will teach you how to do the following:

  • Write position papers
  • Figure out how in the world “Model United Nations Conferences” work
  • Discuss how to destroy our opponents in aforementioned conferences
  • Write rad resolution papers
Twice a month Mason Maliwauki
Philosophy Club We will host a discussion of philosophical beliefs and perspectives after school, once a week. Twice a month Mrs. Van Orden
Pickleball Club To play pickleball and have fun! Both club leaders have a pickleball court at their house to play at. Twice a month Napierski
Poetry Club In this club we will share our own poetry, poetry by others we like, help each other write and understand poetry better, and discuss poetry. Twice a month Mason Maliwauki
Polynesian Leadership Club Learn more about Pacific Islander culture & dance, participate in Culture Week, have quarterly activities and do service. Monthly Tupou Tuaone
Robotics Club Compete in Robotics Competitions Weekly Bruce Gabbitus
Scholarship Club Help students apply for scholarships Monthly Cinda Morgan
Science Bowl The purpose of this club is to help educate people in STEM by training them to participate in a STEM related trivia contest. Twice a month Dinali Karunaratne
Spanish Club The purpose of Spanish Club is to provide opportunities for students to meet and interact with one another as they learn to understand and appreciate Spanish speaking countries and cultures through a variety of activities.

All Timpview High School students are invited to join Spanish Club. Members will have the option of buying a Spanish Club sweatshirt.

Meetings will be held once a month and will consist of hispanic cultural celebrations (Dia de Los Muertos, Cinco de Mayo etc.), food and art demonstrations, baile latino, field trips to hispanic restaurants (order food in Spanish), plays, museums, service in the school and in the Latino community, watch Spanish movies, Spanish karaoke, arts & crafts, game night.

Election of officers will be held annually by ballot at the last meeting of the spring semester.Candidates and voters should be active members of the Spanish Club. The term for all officers if one academic year. Officers include: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Historian and Event Coordinator.

Monthly Mrs. Clifford
Storytelling! We will talk about the stories we are making, learn from each other, eat snacks and do fun challenges that involve different forms of storytelling! Twice a month Chauncey Singleton
Sutherland Fan Club We will be making banners and posters for suthy and doing homework. We love sutherland! Twice a month David Sutherland
The Hiking Club We will go hiking twice a month. The info will be sent out to the club members before the hike. Twice a month Chauncey Singleton
The Nerd Club/Nerd Club Ooo boy this is the fun section. The Nerd Club would be a rather Jack of All trades club for more nerdy activities and interests where other clubs don’t quite fit the bill, or those who want to hangout with like minded nerds. Also, its kind of a meeting place for friends and meeting new people. Weekly Joy Katherine Petruka
The THS Ping-Pong Club We will meet at least once or twice a month to play ping-pong. We will compete against ping-pong clubs at other high schools. We might have a fundraiser to raise enough money to register everyone for the USA Table Tennis Organization for a ranking. Twice a month Mr. Carroll
Timpview Drift Is a club for students who want to make motorized vehicles with the help and guidance of their peers Every Thursday in i-24 Daniel Robertson
Timpview Rock Music Club It’ll be similar to a book club but we will listen to rock albums instead of reading books. We will also talk about the history and culture of rock and roll. Twice a month Halley Kartchner
Timpview Ultimate Frisbee Functions as the Timpview Ultimate Frisbee team, we hold practices 3 times a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) from 3-5 at Rock Canyon Elementary School. We have fall and spring seasons. Weekly Jaimie Ribera
Timpview’s National Honor Society Everyone is welcome to join NHS! Our goal is to elevate a school’s commitment to the values of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. We have socials to make new friends, service projects to help those in the community, and listen to guest speakers to learn more about different careers. We would love to have you! Monthly Denise Abbott
TSA (Technology Student Association) The Technology Student Association (TSA) is a national, non-profit national student organization for middle and high school students with a strong interest in technology. Since TSA was chartered in 1978 over 2,000,000 students have participated. The Technology Student Association enhances personal development, leadership, and career opportunities in STEM, whereby members apply and integrate these concepts through extracurricular activities, competitions, and related programs. fosters personal growth, leadership, and opportunities in technology, innovation, design, and engineering. Members apply and integrate science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) concepts through co-curricular activities, competitive events and related programs. Weekly Jennifer Bjornstad
HOSA Future Health Professionals The purpose is to provide leadership experiences, knowledge, skills (both technical and soft) to those who are currently wishing to pursue a career in healthcare. Twice a month Denise Abbott
Girls In Action Girls In Action will be a club that gives girls interesting career exploration and community service opportunities! We will be discussing issues that may be going around in the world and see what we can do with it, such as learning basic activities in fields that girls aren’t very involved in and go teach the youngings about it to have them be more interested. With that said, we can also invite some guest speakers to do zoom meetings with women in interesting career fields and get to know more about them! HOPE YOU JOIN! Twice a month Mikell Smith
Skating Club This club is to let students who like to skateboard, scooter, BMX bike, roller blade, or any other wheeled device, come and ride at different skate parks, meet new people and have fun. You could have never rode any of those things but we will help you learn. Twice a month Mr. Whatcott
Friday Night Funkin’ Club To have fun, explore the game, and make new friends. Weekly Bruce Gabbitas
SheTech The purpose of SheTech is to get girls excited about STEM subjects and display different pathways in the tech field. We will have different workshops focusing on Tech and inspirational women in the tech world. Monthly Jennifer Bjornstad
French Club Learn, appreciate, and experience the cultures of the French speaking world. Monthly Elodie Petelo