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Last modified: November 17, 2022

How to Run for Office

Frequently Asked Questions

About Student Government

  • How do I qualify to run for office?
    • Be currently enrolled as a full time student of Timpview High School
    • Have a 2.0 Cumulative GPA
    • Have approval of the administration (suspensions & behavior), teachers (behavior & attendance) and parents
    • Have to be able to take 2nd period Student Government class
    • Complete, and pass, all required portions of the Election Application
    • Sign and uphold Election Contract (You will sign this when you Declare your Position online)
    • Be willing to sign Student Government Behavior Contract
    • Be able to be accommodating and work well together with your peers as a Timpview Student Government Member
    • Be an upright representative of Timpview High School
  • What steps are involved in running for office?
    1. Attend both Mandatory Information Meeting on Feb 21 (Wed) during lunch or after school in U-20.
    2. Complete Packet with all signatures + Service Hours.
    3. Turn in Packet by posted date.
    4. Declare a Position online by posted date.
    5. Get posters approved on Friday March 23rd after school OR at lunch in Baker’s Room.
    6. Sign and uphold Election Contract (You will sign this when you Declare your Position online).
    7. Posters can be hung on the posted date. (DO NOT HANG ANYTHING UP BEFORE THEN)
    8. Review Rules of Election Week.
    9. Campaign Begins.
    10. Voting Ends.
    11. Take Posters down.
    12. Results posted.
  • I will be a high school freshmen next year, how do I run for student government?

    All freshmen elections will be hosted at Centennial Middle School. Centennial teachers and administration run all of the elections. The results will then be given to Timpview and added to the class. Please direct any questions you have to the Centennial student government advisor.

  • How much time outside of class should I expect in student government?

    It depends on what events we have happening. For example, during Homecoming week, you can expect about 4 hours throughout the week, but for the week after Homecoming, you hardly do anything outside of class.

  • Is 10 activities per term difficult once I’m on Student Government?

    No, not really. There are SO many activities to go to every week, it’s not hard at all! You just cannot procrastinate this to the last week of the term.

  • What affects my grade in Student Government?

    Attendance is a huge chunk of your grade. You are also required to go to certain things throughout the year like assembly set-ups/take-downs, dance set-ups/take-downs, and some events (like the basketball games against Provo or certain state games). Plus, you will be graded on any projects/jobs that are assigned (ex: for Sub-for-Santa, everyone is required to go visit 3-5 businesses to ask for donations). You are expected to attend 10 activities during each term to support other Timpview students in their sports and activities.

  • How is my schedule affected if I get into Student Government?

    Student Government is 2nd period, so if you get in, the counselors are super helpful and will move around your schedule to accommodate you. You should plan on staying after school or coming in later in the evening to set up for larger events.

Packet Questions

  • How do I print off my attendance on Powerschool?
    1. Login to PowerSchool
    2. Click on the ‘Reports’ tab above your normal grades
    3. Click on Electronic Report Card
    4. Print out the whole report card
  • Do I have to fill out a packet if I’m doing an appointed position and not running for an elected?

    Yes, everyone, regardless of what position you are going for, needs to complete a packet

  • When is my packet due? What are the main deadlines I need to know?

    March 21st by 3pm in the Main Office (do not hand to Baker or any student government member). All the deadlines can be found on this website under the “Deadlines” tab. Make sure you know these dates well.

  • What can count as service hours and activity hours for my election packet?

    For service hours, you have to have performed the service within the time limit. If you are getting paid for the service, or it is a job, you cannot count it as your service. Church service, service for your teachers, babysitting for free, etc, all count as service on your packet.

    For you activities hours, they need to be school sponsored events that you are not involved in (for example: If you are playing in a football game, than you can’t count that as an activity. But if you watch another team play, you can count that.). Sporting events, plays, musicals. club sponsored events, or any activity where students from Timpview are performing, you can count towards your hours. The general rule is, if you are on the team or in the event, you cannot count it.

    If you still have questions, please contact our Chief Justice or one of the Justices. (see the “Contact” tab)

  • How do I know if I passed my packet?

    The sooner you turn in your packet, the sooner we can review your packet and let you know. We review packets every 2 days (during 2nd period) leading up to election week. We contact the candidate (usually via text or email) if you have passed or not passed your packet. This is only the first step. Once your packet has been approved, a list of candidates is sent to the teachers and Administration for final approval. The teachers and Administration review students for excessive tardies and absences, suspensions and other other behaviors issues.

  • Where can I find out about activities to attend for my Election Packet?

    The easiest place is on the school website, On the school website on the right hand side there is a calendar of all the events of Timpview students. You can also check the school Instagram (timpview_t_birds) and Facebbook page (Timpview T-bBirds) for the events that week.

Position Questions

  • How do I declare a position in student government?

    Declaration of which position you wish to run for must be made on March 21st (Wednesday) before 3pm. No exceptions. Your MOST RECENT SUBMISSION will be accepted as the position that you want to run for. If you decide to change your declaration, you can, but must re-submit. Your latest submission (before the deadline) will be considered what you are running for. If you declare a position, you are not allowed to run for, you will not be able to run in the general election, but will be able to run for an appointed (interview) position after the general elections. Please check all maps and qualifications for each position before declaring. Use this form to declare your intention.

  • What positions are available?
  • What is the difference between an elected and appointed position?

    Elected positions are positions that your run for during election week. Appointed positions are positions that are interviewed for after the election week. Appointed positions tend to be more skill based.

  • Can I run for an appointed position after if I lose in an elected position?

    Yes! We highly encourage it! However, appointed positions become more competitive because everyone who lost will go for appointed.

  • Can I only run for an appointed position and not for an elected position? Do I have an advantage if I run for an elected and then go for an appointed?

    Yes you can. Many factors are considered during appointed positions including qualifications for the position, attendance, fit in the class, and sometimes if they ran for an elected position. We understand that not all students love the election process of campaigning and voting. We consider all factors when students interview for appointed positions.

  • What position can I/should I run for?

    It depends on what grade you’re in. Seniors are the only students who are able to run for Student Body Officers (Student Body Pres, Student Body VP, Student Body Secretary, and Social VP).

  • What expectations are required for all positions?
    • Be on time to class (tardies and absences will affect your grade in the class)
    • Attend a minimum of 10 activities at THS each term
    • Be on time to class (tardies and absences will affect your grade in the class)
    • Attend all set ups and cleanups for: dances, assemblies…etc
    • Learn to communicate with others and advisors (especially when schedule conflicts arise)
    • Be able to adapt to any committee or co-chair assignment given
    • Be proactive and not waste class time
    • Make up (with additional time) any missed activity
    • Maintain a 2.0 GPA

    Election Week Questions

    • What will happen to me if I violate election rules?

      If any election rules are broken, you will be immediately removed from the ballot and disqualified from running. If any other problem arises, you will be approached and disqualification will be determined by Keaton, Baker, and the administration. Please read and understand the election rules.

    • When can I put posters up during Election Week?

      You can start putting posters up at 7am on Tuesday, March 28th. However, you must make sure all of your posters and flyers have been approved by Keaton BEFORE you hang them up. Keaton and the justices will be approving posters March 23rd from 2:15-3 in Baker’s room (U20) or during lunch that day. THIS IS THE ONLY TIME TO GET YOUR POSTERS APPROVED UNLESS YOU REQUEST TO MEET WITH JOANNA EARLIER AND GET THEM APPROVED BEFORE THAT.

    • If I am running unopposed, do I still need to make posters?

      It’s up to you! I would suggest making at least one poster so you can advertise that you won, so everyone knows.

    • What if I have some special connections to businesses or service items, can I use them during my campaign?

      As far as special connections go, you must make your connections available to everyone else, or disregard your special connections and receive those goods like anyone else in the general public would be able to.

    • How can my friends help? What can’t they do?

      They can help talk to people, but they are not allowed to purchase goods for you, interrupt classes, or be disrespectful to the school or other candidates. If students connected to your campaign break any of these rules, you will be dismissed from the election campaign.

    • Can I use social media during my campaign?

      Yes you can, but we will be monitoring it regularly. All of the social media rules are listed in the election packet. You can use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can’t be disrespectful, bash on the school or other opponents, or post anything that’s inappropriate. You must follow school policies and rules (dress code included) in the student handbook. Please follow Timpview T-Birds on Facebook and “timpview_t_birds” on Instagram if you intend on using social media for your campaign in anyway.

    • What if I want a particular picture used on the ballot?

      You can submit a picture, but it must be submitted by a particular date (see the “Deadlines” tab). If you do not submit a picture, your picture ballot will say “picture not available.”

    • Who can submit a video commercial, and where and when will it be showed?

      We plan on showing videos for all those running for SBO positions (Student Body President, Student Body Vice President, Student Body Secretary and Student Body Social VP) during Election Week. If someone who runs for this position does not submit a video, we will insert a slide that just says there name and the position they are running for. It is to your advantage to submit something. Please review the rules to videos under “Election Rules.” We will send the link to these videos to all the teachers to show in their classes. We will also put these on the school Facebook and website.

      Every other candidate is allowed to submit a video, but it will be shown on the school website and Facebook and not distributed to teachers to show. The reason for this is that the video submitted to teachers would end up being very lengthy and take away from time in the classroom.

    • What can I hand out during Election Week?

      You are allowed to hand out business card sized items during elections week. The items that are prohibited from passing out are candy and stickers. You may hand out wrist bands or any item that will not easily end up as trash on the floor. Make sure all handouts are accounted for in your election budget.

    • Who can vote for what positions?

      Current Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors can vote for all positions except Class Presidencies. Seniors, Junior and Sophomore Presidencies are only voted on by their particular grade of students.

    • What if my posters/fliers fall down or are not in the place I put them originally?

      You are responsible for watching out for your posters and campaign items. Sometimes posters fall down. If student government members catch them in time, we will bring them to U20 (Baker’s room). If the janitors find them first there is a good chance they will throw them away. If a poster goes missing, you are allowed to replace that item without additional costs.

    • If I suspect someone of cheating during the election process, what should I do?

      Come directly to Ms. Baker and talk to her about it. Please do not talk to other candidates and/or Student Government members. Ms. Baker (with the Justices) will check on the candidate. They will decide whether to let someone continually run or not. The decision they make will be final.

    • When and how will I know the results of the voting?

      By 8pm on Saturday (April 1st) at the latest, results will be posted on this website on the front page.

    • If I don’t win an elected position, how can I run for an appointed position?

      The week after elections there will be an interview sign up sheet outside of Ms. Baker’s room. Please sign up for a spot and be ready for questions from your newly elected SBO Officers and Advisor(s).

    • How do you ensure that cheating does not occur?

      The whole voting process is monitored by several adults, Vote tallying is done by a computer so there is no human error involved, and names are verified by photo ID and crossed off once the student votes (ensuring that no student is allowed to vote for another student).

    Important Dates & Deadlines

    February 21

    First Mandatory Election Information Meeting at lunch or after school in U20 (Baker’s room). We will Go over rules for running & election packet information. Make sure to sign the roll to get checked by teachers and administration (this does not mean you are committing to running)

    March 21

    Election Packet DUE by 3pm SHARP in the Main Office Turn into Main Office, NOT to Baker, Keaton, or any Student Government member). IF THERE ARE ANY PROBLEMS WITH YOUR PACKET YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED! You will be notified within that week if you are disqualified due to errors in your packet. The sooner you turn in your packet, the sooner you can be approved and not risk an error on your packet.

    • Declaration of Running Position (elected only) by 3pm ONLINE
    • Declare your position
    • Job Descriptions of Student Government Positions

    Ballot pictures will be DUE. Email to Baker at If you do not submit a picture you will not have one put on the ballot.

    March 22

    Second Mandatory Election Meeting at lunch or after school in U20 (Baker’s room).

    SBO Commercials DUE by email to (Optional for any other candidates, SBOs will be featured in the next video announcement, and all others will be posted on the school website and Facebook). Email videos to Baker at

    March 23

    Approve posters during lunch or after school (2:15-3 in Bakers room) THIS IS THE ONLY DAY TO GET POSTERS APPROVED.

    Election Week: March 27 – 30

    • March 27: Hang posters. Don’t hang anything up before 7:00 a.m.
    • March 27 – 28: Candidate booths in commons during lunch (optional).
    • Final Voting 29 – 30: During lunch in the foyer of auditorium.

    March 31: Elected Positions Results Posted

    Results will be posted on the Student Government election website by 5:00 p.m.

    April 13 -14: Appointed Position interviews

    • Sign up on Baker’s door for an interview time slot.
    • You are allowed to run for an appointed position after losing an elected position.
    • You can interview for an appointed position without running for an elected position.

    April 15: Appointed Position Results posted

    Results will be posted on the Student Government election website by 8:00 p.m.


    February 21

    Mandatory Information Meeting at lunch or after school (Must attend 1 – either at lunch OR after school in U20). Work on your Election Application.

    March 21

    Election Application DUE by 3pm to the Main Office – do not hand to student gov member or advisor. Declare Position on Election Website by 3pm. Pictures for ballots DUE! If you do not send a picture to Baker, then your ballot will read “Picture Not Available”. Send to

    March 22

    SBO Commercials DUE by email to (Optional for any other candidates, SBOs will be featured in the next video announcement, and all others will be posted on the school website and Facebook). Email videos to Baker at

    2nd Election Meeting (Review of Election Rules) @ lunch or after school (you just need to attend one of the meetings)

    March 23

    Video links are DUE. Email to Baker at The ONLY TIME to approve your posters (2:15 – 3:00pm or during lunch in Baker’s Room U20) (If you are making tons of the same things, then just bring one sample to approve. If you have all your posters being different, they all need to be approved)

    ELECTION WEEK: March 27 – 30

    • 29th: First day of voting in Auditorium Foyer
    • 31st: Voting results posted by 8pm to website

    April 10

    Interview Slots Sign up sheets for appointed positions on Baker’s door (U20)

    April 13 – 14: Appointed Interviews

    April 15: Results Posted by 8:00 pm