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Last modified: September 10, 2020

Jaimie Ribera

American Sign Language LEVEL 1 Disclosure 2016-2017

Teacher: Jaimie Ribera


Course Description : ASL one is beginning level sign language. The goal by the end of the year is to reach a proficiency level of

“Novice High” based on ACTFL(American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages). If you work hard in class, you will be

amazed at how much you can communicate through the end of the year. This class also will focus on Deaf culture and how that

impacts the language and how it can impact you and make you see the world a little differently as well.

Proficiency level : A level of “Novice High” includes being able to both express(sign) and receive(understand) a variety of topics.

This includes being able to describe your family and friends, communicate about work, school, likes and dislikes, sports and

recreation, animals and much more!

About me : My name is Jaimie Ribera and this will be my 3rd year at Timpview. I grew up in Danville, California where I played

basketball, soccer, cross country and track. After High School I came to Utah and played basketball at BYU. I now coach XC,

basketball and track here at Timpview. I started ASL when I came to BYU, this is a bit of a long story!. Long story short- I LOVE

Deaf Culture, I love sign language and it has become a HUGE part of my life in many ways. I am so excited to share this with you

this upcoming year. My husband Brian and I have two dogs and a turtle, I love mexican food and BYU sports.

How to succeed in this class: The most important thing is to PARTICIPATE. If you come to class and are willing to work hard and

try your best, you will not only do well, you will like the class, the culture and the language.

Communication: I am here for YOU as students. I can only help you if I know what is going on. PLEASE communicate with me. I

want you to be successful and to love this language as much as I do, and to have a great experience here at Timpview. Parents

please feel free to email me anytime.



Every day is worth 10 points. If you come to class, pay attention and VOICE OFF(NO TALKING- ONLY SIGNING) you get 10 points

for the day. If you are talking and I continually need to ask you to stop, playing on your phone or staring into space- you will lose

points. You can ONLY have extra credit and retake tests IF you have an A in participation.

If you miss a class for an EXCUSED absence- you can make that up by signing for 30 min outside of class and then emailing me a

description of what took place.

If you miss for an UNEXCUSED absence- you have ONE time you can make this up, after that you lose the points and cannot get

them back. AGAIN COMMUNICATION is important. Talk to me if there is an issue.


1-2 times a term we will have a project based on that which we have learned so far this year. These projects will be worth 50

POINTS and mostly completed in class. That is FIVE DAYS worth of participation points, please take the projects seriously and work

on them in the time provided you during class.


After each unit we will have a test. There are TWO units each term. We will also have a semester final both first and second

semester. The finals will be 150 points, unit tests will be 80 points. You can take any test again IF you have an A in participation.


Test grades will be based on proficiency- using the scale described above. Depending on the unit and time of year- tests will

determine the proficiency level and grading will be based on that.

BY TERM(subject to adjust slightly)

Participation- 200 points

Unit tests- 160 points

Final(2nd and 4th term)- 150 points

Projects- 100 points