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Last modified: September 10, 2020

Collision Structural Non Structural Repair

Course Description/Overview/Welcome Statement

Collision structural non-structural repair: 0.5 credits CTE : Grades 10-12

Students may work on their own cars to learn hands-on automotive collision repair skills including: Damage analysis, panel removal and replacement, and panel alignment.

Learning Expectations

Safety testing through S/P2 will be completed prior to students entering the shop.

Students will learn about hazardous materials that may be encountered in the automotive collision repair industry, and safe practices for dealing with these hazards.

Students will learn about the environmental impacts of the products used in the collision repair industry and proper practices to reduce the environmental impact.

Students will learn about fasteners and how they are used.

Students will learn about hand and power tools and their proper use.

Students will learn about shop equipment and its proper use.

Students will learn about proper body panel removal, repair, replacement, and alignment procedures.

Students will learn about automotive structural component repair, replacement, and alignment procedures.


Assessment of Progress

Students will be assessed on their understanding of safe practices. They will also be assessed on fasteners, hand tools, power tools, and shop equipment.

Students will be assessed on their knowledge and abilities in damage analysis and repair planning.

Students will be assessed on their knowledge and abilities in body panel removal, repair, replacement, and adjustment.

Students will be assessed on their knowledge and abilities in automotive structural component repair, replacement, and alignment.

Students will be assessed on their understanding of environmental safe practices involved in the collision repair industry.


Course Materials

A class fee of $25 is paid at the beginning of the semester. This fee helps cover the cost of safety equipment and shop supplies.

Students will need a three ring binder to keep handouts and assignments. This binder will also be used to keep a work journal. This journal will be graded at mid term, term and end of term.

Students must have coveralls, safety glasses, and closed toed shoes to work in the shop. Students will be supplied coveralls. Safety glasses will be available for student use.

Students are required to wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE) when performing surface preparation and finishing tasks. Dust masks, respirators, hearing protection, and paint suits are available for student use.

Students will be responsible for costs incurred in the repair of personal vehicles.

Classroom Procedures

Regular attendance is critical to student success and the Timpview attendance will be followed.

Each class meeting will potentially earn the student 10 points, identified as Daily Points (Week 1, Week 2, etc.) in Power School and compiled weekly. Daily points will be calculated according to the student’s daily participation. 10 points will be deducted from the weekly point totals for each absence and 5 points deducted for each tardy. This would exclude missing class for posted extra-curricular, doctor excused, pre-approved or appealed absences. A student found in the shop without coveralls, safety glasses, closed toed shoes, or daily needed materials will be considered unready for work and will be assessed a tardy.

Students are expected to be engaged in the process. Each student needs to complete each assignment, including shop clean up.

Calendar of Due Dates for Major Assignments

Term one will focus on damage analysis and repair.

Term two will focus on refinishing.

Progress Reports and Report Cards

A letter grade as a final grade will be assigned according to the total points acquired during the term. The grade scale can be viewed on Power School. Grades will be updated weekly.

Connecting Home to School

Parents/Guardians are expected to review the disclosure/permission document with their students. Parent/Guardian signature as well as student signature with documents are required to be submitted to Mr. Hassell before shop work begins.

If parents have any questions, please contact Mr. Hassell via e-mail at: I will respond to emails during normal work hours, within 24 hours in most cases.

Personal Statement and other items (optional)

Each student is required to complete each task once. For better understanding I recommend students complete tasks more than once. I give plenty of time for students to complete the work more than one time.

If you are struggling, come see me. We can fix it but I need you to tell me when you get confused so I can help you understand. I want you to be successful and will work as hard as you do to get you there.

Students in CTE courses are encouraged to join the Timpview Chapter of Skills-USA. Joining is strictly voluntary. Club dues are $20.00, which go directly to the THS Skills-USA budget for club activities.