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Last modified: September 10, 2020

Food and Nutrition 1

Course Description/Overview/Welcome Statement

This course is designed to focus on the science of food and nutrition. Experiences will include food safety and sanitation, culinary technology, food preparation and dietary analysis to develop a healthy life style with pathways to career readiness. Laboratory based experiences strengthen comprehension of concepts and standards outlined in Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education. Student leadership and competitive events (FCCLA) may be integrated into this course. (Standards 1-6 will be covered on Skill Certification Test #340.)


Learning Expectations

1.      Kitchen safety procedures and sanitation techniques

2.     Kitchen equipment and management

3.     Sources and function of carbohydrates and fiber, and apply food preparation techniques.

4.     Sources and functions of proteins and lipids, and apply food preparation techniques

5.     Sources and functions of vitamins, minerals, and water; and food preparation

6.     Explore the current Dietary Guidelines and

Assessment of Progress


Each student will be graded on 9 performance objectives as part of their final end of semester test.

PO 1: Complete FCCLA Step One.  Date completed:______Teacher initial: ______

PO 2: Consistently demonstrate preventative practices related to kitchen safety and Sanitation

procedures. Date completed:______Teacher initial: ______

PO 3: Student will complete food kitchen safety training comparable to that required for the ServSafe

Food Handlers Certificate with the option to acquire a Food Handers Permit from your county

Health Department through the Utah Restaurant Association.

PO 4: consistently demonstrate proper measuring and preparation techniques while preparing a recipe.

PO 5: Actively participate in the preparation of a complex carbohydrate food from scratch. Compare

the nutritional content and cost of a comparable convenience food vs. the complex carbohydrate

food from scratch.

PO 6: Actively participate in the preparation of a complete and/or complimentary protein food from

scratch. Compare the nutritional content and cost of a comparable convenience food vs. the

complete and/or complimentary food from scratch.

PO 7: Actively participate in the preparation of a low-fat food.  Compare the nutritional content and

cost of a comparable high-fat food vs. the low-fat food.

PO 8: Actively participate in the preparation of a canned/frozen and/or fresh produce food.  Compare the nutritional content and cost of a comparable canned/frozen vs. fresh produce food.

PO 9: Evaluate and analyze a personal dietary intake for one or more days according to the dietary          guidelines and MyPlate.

State Competency test will be given at the end of the semester as the final semester exam.  A student receiving 80% or higher and completing all the performance objectives may receive a certificate of competency.  This certificate can be used for applying for jobs, scholarships and  show high school accomplishments.



Course Materials

·       $20 class fee – covers cost of supplies for food labs

·       Pen or pencil

·       BINDER to keep all handouts in, to remain in classroom or brought to class daily.

·       Hair tie for long hair


Classroom Procedures


If a student misses class or is tardy, it is their responsibility to get the information they missed.  The student will have until the next class period to make up the homework from the day they missed for full credit. They may pick up work after school or consultation time on Monday.

Missed labs: A student may make up 3 labs during a quarter, 1 lab per Unit.  Students must receive an alternative makeup assignment from the teacher.  Not all Labs can be made up depending on the lab. All other labs are a “0”. The make-up lab forms/assignment must be turned in no more than 5 school days after the lab was done in class, with parents signatures and include an documents or pictures .These pictures can be emailed to or attached to the lab make up form. Makeup assignments can be emailed or placed in the class in box.



Students must follow the Provo School District policies explained in the student handbook, maintain appropriate, on-task behavior, follow the dress code, use appropriate language, and leave  work area clean.

Become familiar with the following information.


Calendar of Due Dates for Major Assignments

Progress Reports and Report Cards

Connecting Home to School


Parent: please Initial the following.

_____I understand my student has 5 days to make up lab work missed if absent.

_____I understand my student has until the next class period to make up work missed

if absent or tardy.

Student: I have received this disclosure and I understand the expectations outlined for this class.  I understand it is my responsibility to keep up my grades and attend class, and agree to abide by the expectations outlined. I also understand the supplies needed for this class and I am prepared to have them in class to use.


Student printed name/period


Students signature/date


Parents/guardian printed name


Parent/guardian signature/date

What is the best way to contact if there is a concern with your student: (email, text, phone call, etc)


Personal Statement and other items (optional)