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Last modified: September 10, 2020

Weight Lifting Syllabus

Course Description/Overview/Welcome Statement

Timpview’s Boys Weights is an introduction course to weight training. The class fulfills the .5 credit of PE required for graduation. However, it is more than just a “lifting” class. The course is designed to help students to not only make weight lifting/strength gains, but also to learn academic information regarding weight lifting. This is not a class for the student just looking to fulfill their elective. In class, the student will spend considerable time weight lifting and is expected to work hard and make gains. This class is designed for students who would like to weight train, achieve their fitness/athletic/other goals, and learn how to lift weights on their own beyond the class, into their future. Students will gain knowledge on many weight lifting topics such as physiology, anatomy, nutrition, and weight lifting science. The course has a $15 fee charged by the school.

Learning Expectations

Students will learn the major muscle groups and lifts for each group

Students will be able to put together their own workout plan and workout on their own or with a partner

Students will lift weights and work hard each class period

Students will learn what they need to know to continue on with their own weight lifting in the future if desired

Students will learn the weight lifting aspects of nutrition, anatomy, physiology, and current weight lifting science

Students will learn why weight lifting is an important part of a healthy lifestyle

Students will learn to enjoy weight lifting

Assessment of Progress

1. Max weight lifting tests will be given throughout the semester – beginning, mid term, and end of semester. These tests will determine students’ strength gains made and thus show in class effort. Various assignments and tests/quizzes will also be part of the class assessments and grade. Work turned in late (not turned in during the period due) will be given half credit.

Grading (follows the District approved grading scale):
A = 93-100%

A-= 90-92%

B+= 87-89%

B= 83-86%

B-= 80-82%

C+= 77-79%

C= 73-76%

C-= 70-72%

D+= 69-67%

D= 66-63%

D-= 62-60%

I= Below 60%

The breakdown of final term grades are approximately: Attendance, dress, and participation 50%, and other 50% (fitness testing, worksheets, and tests/quizzes)

Late work is accepted at half credit – late is defined as not turned in at the beginning of the period the work is due unless student is absent that period, then work is due the next attended class.

Course Materials

Due to the nature of a Physical Education classes all students will need to “dress down” and participate every class period. Each student will need to have the following physical education clothing on a daily basis:

1. Clean tennis/running/training shoes (boots, dress shoes, slides/flip flops are not appropriate) and socks

2. Sleeved T-shirt or sweat shirt

3. Gym shorts or sweat pants

4. Pencil for keeping weight lifting logs

Classroom Procedures

Roll will be taken 5 minutes after the bell to allow time for students to change. Daily class learning, weight work, and activities as planned will consist of the remainder of class time. Each student starts class with 15 points – five for attendance, five for proper PE clothes, and five for participation. Inappropriate behavior can result in a loss of any or all class points – see disclosure for expectations.

All students will participate unless participation is “limited” by a written Physician’s excuse. “Limited” means: Students will still be required to dress down (unless injury prevents e.g. shoulder sling/knee brace) and participate with accommodations to their condition of illness or injury.  Parents are requested to contact Coach Whittingham by note sent with the student or by phone or Email if issues of participation arise.

Students will be allowed up to six doctor, extra-curricular, or office excused absences with no penalty per term. After any combination of six such absences per term, for any further absences the student will be responsible to make up participation points for each additional day they are absent or cannot participate.


More on attendance: As stated, attendance will be taken 5 minutes after the tardy bell rings. At that time students need to be seated in their assigned area for attendance or they will be marked absent/tardy. Students are allowed three tardies per term, each successive tardy will result in a 5 point deduction and cannot be made up. Students who leave class for any unapproved reason will be marked truant regardless of time in class, and a loss all class points for the day will occur.

Absent make up:
As customary for Physical Education classes, a large portion of the class grade will be determined by attendance, dress, and participation. If you miss class days (other than outlined above in classroom procedures) you must make up those days to regain the missed points. Make ups are held during Monday’s consultation time. Students must run/walk on the track, with Coach Whittingham present, 3 miles per make up. If Mondays do not work please see me to figure out another mutually workable time. Reminder, tardy deductions cannot be made up.

Calendar of Due Dates for Major Assignments

Weight lifting max testing – there are three tests a semester – 2nd/3rd week of the beginning of the class, end of term, and end of semester. Dates are TBA as facility sharing occurs and hard dates cannot always be determined. This TBA method is also for other assignments and class work due to the same issue. However, as assignments are made, they are put into Power School showing the due date. Therefore, by reviewing Power School you can see what assignment are required and when due.

Attendance, dress, and participation points – these points are entered into Power School at the end of every 6 class days held. Example: After six class days held a D&P is created for 90 points (15 points day x 6 = 90)

All assignments are handed out in class. If a student is absent from class for any reason, on the next class attended it will be the student’s responsibility to check in with the teacher and collect any missed assignments. For full points students must pick up the assignment on the next attended class and turn it in on the subsequent attended class. If you are absent and miss turning in an assignment, to receive full points you have until the next attended class from your absence to turn in the assignment. Examples: On already handed out assignment, if you miss Wednesday due date and you attend Friday you have to submit your assignment then -or- if you miss handout of assignment Wednesday and attend Friday, you must pick up assignment then and it will be due on Tuesday. If you have an extended illness/injury or feel you need more time to turn in assignments, please contact Coach Whittingham to discuss a reasonable make-up due date. It is your responsibly to talk to Coach Whittingham if you need more than the next attended class to make-up your assignment.

Progress Reports and Report Cards

Please check into your student’s Power School often to see their progress. I enter grades for assignments/tests etc. as they are due. Also, to help students/parents remember when assignments are due or to determine if they missed an assignment/test if they were absent, I put assignments/tests into Power School when those assignments/tests are made/handed out.

Connecting Home to School

My Email address is: CaryW@Provo.EDU

Office phone: 801 221-9720 ext. 3535

Personal Statement and other items (optional)

The goal of the class is for students to be provided with a basic understanding of weight lifting, why it is important, and the lifetime benefits of such. Students will have the opportunity to learn about and engage in various types of lifting. To make sure each student has a positive experience in this class, they must attend class, be dressed in PE clothes, and participate. There are several regulations, safety rules, and policies that each student will need to adhere to (as found in the disclosure) so I can provide every student this opportunity in a positive and safe environment. The class goal is to provide the student a means to effectively lift weights in the future, and provide opportunity to improve their current overall strength level while having fun doing it.