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Last modified: November 17, 2022

Plan Your Graduation: Start Now

By using the information presented in the Course Catalog, the online course descriptions, and presented in your Career and College Readiness Planning meetings to consider your goals for your future after high school, develop a four-year plan for high school graduation, and thoughtfully select courses that will help you achieve those goals and plan.

We encourage you to consider completing a Career Pathway and earning a Pathways Honor cords.

You should track your graduation progress regularly in Powerschool, and keep your 4 year plans in Powerschool up-to-date

Career Pathways at Timpview: Keys to Career Success

Career Interest profiles are a way of grouping careers by interests, skills and abilities. The following links will assist you in finding your interests, skills and abilities.

Exploring Career Pathways

Introduction to choosing a Career Pathway is a way to help clarify goals, provide purpose and relevance to your elective course selections, and prepare you to succeed in post high school education and in the workplace.

Career Pathways are sequences of Timpview courses that prepare students for further study in specific career fields. Students may earn a Certificate of Completion in five career clusters. Most career pathways involve advanced coursework – in some cases for college credit – as well as extended learning opportunities including internships.

For students who have an interest in a particular career area, completing a certificate in a Career Pathway will ensure that he or she is adequately preparing for the future. For students who are not sure what they are interested in doing after high school, pathways provide them with information to help them explore potential career interests and give more meaning to high school coursework.

Career Clusters

Career Clusters are a grouping of related occupations and educational outcome identified by the Utah State Office of Education

Exploration – 9th/10th Grade

Through Course Exploration, students become aware of:

  1. Their strengths/talents/interests
  2. Their preferred learning styles and work environments
  3. The importance of good decision making, and
  4. How to successfully set goals

Preparation – 11th/12th Grade

Through course preparation, students develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that will prepare them to be successful after high school in the area of focus or interest. Students have the opportunity to apply these acquired attributes through job shadows, internships, and capstone projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Timpview emphasizing Career Pathways? While not a graduation requirement, choosing a Career Pathway is a way to help clarify goals, provide purpose and relevance to your elective course selections, and prepare you to succeed in post high school education and in the workplace.

How do I get into a Career Pathway? To complete a Career Pathway, students must complete Pathway courses in addition to the courses required for graduation. The requirements for each pathway are outlined below. Students should also contact Pathway teachers for individual guidance or recommendations to support personal career interests. Students may pursue multiple pathways during their four years at Timpview; they may also change to a different Pathway if their interests change over time.

How do I earn a Career Pathway Completer Certificate and Graduation Cord? To receive an honor cord for graduation for completing one or more pathways, students must complete the courses required for graduation as well as the courses required for the pathway then complete and submit a Pathway Completer application. Students should work closely with Pathway teachers to develop a plan to meet these requirements as well as receive personalized guidance to support specific areas of interest within a pathway.

Career Clusters and the Corresponding Timpview Career Pathways

  • Business & Marketing
    • Accounting & Finance
    • Business Administrative & Technical Support
    • Entrepreneurship & Management
    • Marketing
  • Family & Consumer Sciences
    • Early Childhood Education
    • Family & Human Services
    • Fashion Design, Manufacturing & Merchandising
    • Food Services and Culinary Arts
    • Interior Design
  • Health Science
    • Medical Assistant
    • Medical Office Assistant
    • Sports Medicine
    • Nursing (CNA)
    • Dental
    • Pharmacy
    • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
  • Information Technology
    • Digital Media
    • Programming/Software Development
    • TV Broadcasting
  • Skilled & Technical Sciences
    • Automotive Service Technician
    • Automotive Collision Repair
    • Design Technology/Drafting
    • Welding
    • Cabinetmaking & Millwork
    • Commercial Photography
    • Cosmetology/Nail Technician

Additional Resources