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CAD Mechanical Design I

Course Description/Overview/Welcome Statement

EGDT 1040  – CAD Mechanical Design I                                                         AutoCAD  – Fall 2017


Jennifer Bjornstad



Course Description

This is a Concurrent Enrollment Course, offering both high school credit through Timpview High School and college credit through Utah Valley University.  Credit from this course is transferable to all colleges and universities.  Contact the receiving institution for how the credits will be applied.


Catalog Description

Teaches drafting using AutoCAD (or other) software system. Includes enough exposure to Windows to create files, read directories, create directories and operate the AutoCAD software as it applies to Windows and Graphics. Uses CAD system to produce, plot, print, check, and correct drawings. Applies other drafting skills and standards.

Course Prerequisites

This class is available to all high school freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors in good academic standing.  Freshman and sophomores must take the accuplacer test administered by UVU.  Freshman must also talk with the UVU concurrent enrollment office and have their approval before registering for concurrent enrollment credit.  There are no college prerequisites for this course.

Learning Expectations

Course Objectives or Learning Outcomes

  • Students will become familiar with CAD using AutoCAD, demonstrating skills and understandings through varied applications.
  • Students will investigate career opportunities in engineering & engineering technology
  • Understand the elements of solving an engineering design problem
  • Document the Design Process
  • Be able to apply mathematics, measuring conventions and scale
  • Develop orthographic views of a part with the correct dimensions and geometry
  • Use correct line types
  • Follow dimensioning standards and apply the appropriate dimensions to drawings
  • Be able to use and understand the computer software AutoCAD and the use of its commands and interface

Assessment of Progress

Students will be given 5 pts daily for being on time.  If the student is tardy they will lose all 5pts.  Additionally students will be given 15 pts daily for completing the daily task/assignment.  If the student does not complete the assignment during class they can come that day during lunch or after school (Even days) to complete it for full credit.  Once the school day is done and the student has not completed the daily task/assignment the student will get half of the 15 pts for turning it in late.  If a student is absent (that is an excused absent) they will have two weeks to make up the work for full credit.  For excused absences the 5pts for attendance does not count against their grade.

Grades are based on assignments, projects, quizzes, tests, attendance, and class participation.

Course Materials

Required Text and Materials

Autodesk AutoCAD Software

Computers can sometimes crash so each student should have a flash drive to bring to class.

Classroom Procedures

Class Rules

  1. Come prepared and ON TIME to learn and work every day! We will work the entire period on drafting related curriculum
  2. No Cell Phones.
  3. No playing computer games during class time.
  4. Listen and actively participate in class discussions.
  5. Respect the rights of others to learn. Don’t talk while the instructor is giving lessons and don’t disturb others.
  6. Do not listen to your iPod etc. while instruction is being given.
  7. Don’t’ cheat. A student caught cheating will receive a “0” for that assignment, quiz, or test.

Calendar of Due Dates for Major Assignments

Progress Reports and Report Cards

Parent and guardians can log into the power school app to check on grades.  This will  be the official grade that will be on their report card and an average of all terms will be placed onto the UVU transcript for those students who will be taking this class as concurrent enrollment.

All work will be available through the Canvas Online System.  All reading material, assignments, quizzes, test will be given online.  If any parent would like to be added into the canvas system just e-mail me at jenniferb@provo.edu and request to be added as an observer to your son or daughters account.  Please include in your e-mail who your son or daughter is and which class they are attending.  Please do not go by the total grade in the canvas system.  The official grade will be in power school.

Connecting Home to School

Contact me at jenniferb@provo.edu


Personal Statement and other items (optional)