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Good Evening Timpview Families, 

As many of you know, we have been planning and preparing for three years to reveal a timeline to open up Phase #2 – our New Classroom Building.  We have been assured along the way that the necessary parts and technicians were in place to finish installing our elevator, this has not come to pass yet, but we are hopeful.  

We owe it to you, however, to share this timeline and we are aiming to hit the bullseye.  We will have a firm answer by this Friday but in the meantime, I’d like to share this  timeline for students to occupy the building and also park on campus.  

November 15th – December 1st: Instruction will continue every school day in the old building.  Teachers will be setting up their new classrooms and moving remaining items from their existing classrooms to their new classrooms.   No children are allowed in the NEW CLASSROOM building.    

November 29th – December 1st:  EARLY OUT DAYS.  Instruction will continue during each of these school days in the old building from 7:30am to 12:13pm.  Class instruction will end at 12:13pm.    All buses will be picking up students at that time.  Teachers will continue to get their new classrooms ready.  

December 1st, 9pm-11:00pm: Phase 2 Great Hall Reveal &  Winter Dance for All Students (further details are forthcoming).  

December 4th:  STUDENTS WILL OCCUPY THE NEW CLASSROOM BUILDING and learning continues.  

December 11th, 6:00pm-7:30pm: New Classroom Building Open House and Going Down Memory Lane in the Old School Building. Refreshments will be served. 

Student Parking (see attached map): Student parking will move to the northeast corner of campus and begin on December 1st at the Winter Dance and continue through the remainder of the year.  They will also be able to park on the south side of Quail Valley Drive.  A few parking spots will be available by the bus loop at the west auditorium parking lot.  

ADA parking will be available at the west auditorium parking lot.  

Teachers will continue to park at the neighboring LDS Meetinghouse on 3230 N and Edgemont Elementary.  We will reassess the parking needs in January to see if both teachers and students are able to park on our campus.

I will be emailing you whether or not this timeline will change by this Friday afternoon.  Thank you for your patience and we’ll be in touch soon! 

Aloha, Momi Tu’ua

Timpview High School  Principal 801-221-9720


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