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Timpview High School


Dear Timpview High School Families,       

We thank you and your family for being our valued partners as we work together to educate the children in our district. Timpview High School values input from our community – and we need to hear from your child(ren)! They are important partners as we work to improve our communication, academic program, and overall experience for students and their families. 

In order to learn more about student experiences, we will be asking for your child’s feedback via an online survey that s/he will be completing at school. The survey shouldn’t take more than 20-30 minutes to complete.

We are asking that all of our students participate in the surveys, as their feedback will provide invaluable insights into their experiences and how to improve and adapt our district to their needs. If a student doesn’t feel like they have enough information to answer a question, they will be able to skip the item altogether. The responses to these surveys will be completely confidential. We are partnering with a third-party vendor to support us in administering these surveys.

The survey content will ask students to self-reflect on Grit, Growth Mindset, Self-Efficacy, Self-Awareness, and Self-Management, as well as School Safety, School Climate, Teacher-Student Relationships, and Sense of Belonging. Copies of the questions are available at the school for parents to review if there is a concern. The data from these surveys will help the school improve the overall environment of the school and assist students that are struggling academically. 

Please notify us if you would like your child to opt-out of taking the surveys by filling in your name and your child’s name below and returning it to school by Wednesday – May 8, 2024

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful responses. If you have any questions about the survey administration, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 801-221-9720 or 


Timpview High School


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