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Timpview High School

Registration for 2022-2023 is currently taking place.

Our registration process includes three steps:

  1. Step 1: A Course Fair is held in which students visit classes and teachers to get a better idea on what class requirements would be. This gives students a chance to visit with a teacher and class prior to registering for it. This is usually at the beginning of February.
  2. Step 2: Class registration through ClassChoice. (All incoming 9th grade students from Centennial Middle School will complete this with their Centennial Middle School Counselor). In this step, students only select classes they wish to take. This is usually at the end of February and into March.
  3. Step 3: Building your own schedule. Students are able to then log back into ClassChoice to select which periods they will take their selected classes. This typically happens in May near the end of the school year.

If you will be new student to Timpview, you must first complete online registration through PowerSchool and click on the New Student Registration tab.

Students new to Timpview are able to register for classes only after mid-April. Online registration must first All documents needed for school registration are required before registration in ClassChoice.

ClassChoice Instructions

  • First, students need to login to PowerSchool
  • On the left hand side click on the ClassChoice icon
  • Once you’re in ClassChoice, select your classes following the steps below.
  • Students, for support in accessing PowerSchool, contact Mrs. Allred,
  • Parents, for support in accessing PowerSchool, contact Mrs. Hayward,

Step 1  CLICK on Add Core.

  • This will take you to core courses selection.
  • Read each category and CLICK on one choice from all Required areas (you will not be able to ­move on without clicking on a choice in these categories).  Recommended areas are core requirements recommended for your grade level.
  •  In categories marked Optional you are not required to choose a course.
  • Once you have made a choice in all required categories CLICK save requests.

Step 2  CLICK on the Add Electives menu.

  •  CLICK­­­­­ on All Electives or on Elective categories.
  • You must choose 8 credits filling up the Bar from Red to Green.
  •  Once the request bar is Green you are complete.
  • If you are over scheduled (more than 8 total credits) remove any additional courses and add them to your alternate selection.

Step 3  CLICK on Add Alternates menu

  • CLICK on add alternates.
  • Choose at least 4 alternates in case you aren’t able to get your first choice electives or have conflicting courses.
  •  We recommend that you choose both year long and semester electives to assist in scheduling

To access the 4-Year Graduation Plan in PowerSchool to look at courses that  students planned with counselors during CCR’s

  • In your PowerSchool account, CLICK on “Grade History/Reports” tab,
  • CLICK on the “CCR Plan”
  • CLICK on the tab at the top indicating the students next year’s grade level. (This is their stored education and course plans from ongoing student, parent and counselor meetings.)

Helpful Tutorials

Helpful links

If you have questions or run into any problems requesting your classes please email your counselor directly.

Student Last Names         Counselor email address

  • A-B         Alai Kalaniuvalu
  • C-E         Brooklyn Cook
  • F-He       Terri Kerr
  • Hi-L        Christie Lee
  • M-Pe       Jordan Williams
  • Ph-Sm    Rachelle Carter
  • Sn-Z        Nate Warner

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