Current THS students (Freshmen through Juniors) will build their schedule for the 2020-2021 school year through ClassChoice.

Registration for the 2020-2021 School Year has been postponed til further notice.

Computer Access for Scheduling: All students will be able to login and create their 2020-2021 schedules from any computer with internet access. ClassChoice will work on any browser but works best with Firefox. Students who do not have access to a computer at home can access Chromebooks after school in the THS library. Counselors will be available in the library from 2:30- 3:30, Tuesday – Thursday during the scheduling time frames to answer questions.  Late bus will run.

Students and parents will be able to access ClassChoice scheduling by logging into your PowerSchool Account and clicking on the ClassChoice icon on the left of your screen. You will automatically be added to the queue and put in line to schedule your classes. Your position in line will count down and show on your computer screen. DO NOT EXIT OR CLOSE OUT OF YOUR BROWSER or you will be removed from the queue and will need to start again. Once your number comes up in the queue you will be automatically directed to the scheduling screen.

Adding Specialty Classes:

Adding Specialty Classes for 2020-2021 School Year:To add a GAP/GEAR UP period (Juniors & Seniors) – GAP classes are designed for students who need to recover credit and can only be added by completing a request to add a GAP class. GEAR UP classes require GEAR/UP Applications. Forms are available in the counseling office.

To add an Audition/Application class or Participation Skills and Techniques (formerly Athletics) – students will need to be pre-approved by teacher or coach. If they have been pre-approved, the course should be there for the students to register for.  If not– fill out a Speciality Class Request Form to the counseling office signed by the teacher or coach/Athletic Director for the audition/application classes or Participation Skills and Techniques (Athletics-Varsity/JV sports tryout teams). Form is available in the counseling office.

To add a Parent Release period (Seniors) – Parent Release must be at the beginning or end of the day.  An Approved Release Form must be filled out and signed by both the student and parent.  Students with a parent release must leave campus during their released period. Form is available in the counseling office.

To add an Internship period (Juniors & Seniors) – students will need to meet with Mrs. Jardine, Work-based Learning Coordinator, and complete an Internship application.  Mrs. Jardine will add the Internship class to your schedule (you can leave an empty spot in your schedule for this purpose).

To add an MTECH period (Seniors) – you will need to meet with Mrs. Jardine, Work-based Learning Coordinator, who will add it to your schedule.  You will need to leave room for it when you build your schedule. In addition you will need to complete the steps through MTECH as provided by Mrs. Jardine.

To add a Distance Learning/Live Interactive period (Junior & Seniors) – students need to meet with Mrs. Pulver, CE Specialist, during your grade scheduling window.  Once qualified, you and Mrs. Pulver will add classes to your schedule. If an ACT score is required, you will need to register for the March ACT or work with Mrs. Pulver on alternate testing possibilities.