Registration for 2020-2021 is currently taking place through June 24th.

Due to COVID19 circumstances and safe distancing standards, we need all students to REQUEST their classes in ClassChoice.  This will allow us to run student requests through different scenarios which will ultimately help build their class schedule for next year.  Counselors have already mailed this printed copy to your home with detailed instructions, instructions are also below with helpful links.

Please let a school counselor know if you have any questions.

( All incoming 9th graders from Centennial Middle School have already completed this procedure.)

ClassChoice instructions

Step 1  CLICK on Add Core.

Step 2  CLICK on the Add Electives menu.

Step 3  CLICK on Add Alternates menu

 To access the 4-Year Graduation Plan in PowerSchool to look at courses that  students planned with counselors during CCR’s

Helpful Tutorials

Helpful links

If you have questions or run into any problems requesting your classes please email your counselor directly.

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