THS students had the wonderful opportunity to hear from Sarah Hedengren, Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering at BYU, at the STEM Bytes Lunch Seminar today. Her lecture on “Why Stem?” was amazing! She also shared her STEM career path and was an inspiration to all students there. Thank you for coming!!

In case you missed it…Ms. Hedengren loved that she chose a career path in STEM for many reasons, but three she shared were:

1) Jobs- There is a good demand and well compensated jobs that can support a family.

2) Interesting Challenges- My electrical engineering students get to make a laser tag system for their junior project. There are a lot of cool projects and problems out there. A recent example is the BYU capstone that worked to help improve the heating/air pollution problem for Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. There is an excellent video about their project here: (It is SO worth watching!!!)

3) Learn How to Learn – I didn’t pick this as a reason to be involved in STEM, but it was a huge benefit to me. Learning to solve difficult and challenging problems helps you gain confidence that you can learn and tackle other things. Learning how to learn has been amazing for me. I’ve lost count of all the areas where I’ve thought, “I can figure that out” and then found a mentor, or used youtube and other online resources to learn something new.