Thank you to all of the students who came prepared with amazing interviews! We were so impressed with all the talent here at Timpview. We had over 50 applicants! For those who didn’t receive an appointed position, we hope that you find other ways to serve our school. We have many leadership opportunities around campus that we hope you will jump into. Please consider Link Crew, being a Club President, or serving in our many service committees! We were so impressed and thank you!

Student Government 2019-2020 APPOINTED

Senior Vice President: Ella Knapp

Boys Campus Senate: Aaron Shumway

Chief Justice: Arden Covey

Public Relations:  Mercedee Halladay

Graphic Artist: Aubrey Ellis, Hannah Bingham, Tavinder Cook

Video Coordinators: Emma Sagers & Paige Hansen

Social Media/Tech Reps: Jade Viveiros & Lais Oliveira

Culture & Inclusive Reps:  Pisi Ho Ching, Siler Weaver, Annabelle Bailey