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Want to Join Provo Youth City Council?


The Provo Youth City Council is an organization that offers area teens opportunities to gain a greater understanding and appreciation for their community, its citizens and elected officials through service and interaction. This is done through various activities and assignments. This is not a school club or a religious organization. Each member has a tremendous responsibility to uphold their commitment and to attend the meetings and planned activities.  (Must be at least 9th grade and not yet a graduate of high school during the term of office.  Term runs May 15, 2018- May 15, 2019)

We plan to have a fun, rewarding and learning experience this year. Please understand that the Youth City Council is a prestigious organization and requires your full commitment. A one-year commitment is required. There will be one meeting a month, depending on the month and holidays. There will be projects, service opportunities and other activities that will require additional time. It is anticipated that your time commitment will be approximately 6-8 hours or less a month.


Please fill out this form completely and submit a digital copy to provoyouthcitycouncil@gmail.com or to your school’s main office by 5:00PM Thursday, May 4th, 2018.  Late applications will not be considered.


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