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Timpview High School

(Instagram) @timpview.track had an amazing weekend at State this weekend!

Jane Hedengren, Annie Nuttal, and the 4×8 team also set state records!

Annie Nuttal 5a record in the 300mH.

Jane Hedengren 1600m state record.

Lily Alder 800m state record.

Lily alder, Nessie Storey, Jane Hedengren and Ellie Esplin 4×8 state record.

Nessie Storey, Jane Hedengren, Vasiti Turagavou, Lily alder 4×4 state record.

Katie Hutchings, Annie Nuttal, Vasiti Turagavou, Makayla Grosarth 4×2 5a record.


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