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Last modified: November 17, 2022

Conventional Administration – “the Organizer”

Conventional – people feel most comfortable doing well-structured tasks. They like activities that require attention to detail and accuracy. They enjoy order, certainty, and security. They may be less interested in artistic tasks. They’re efficient, practical, and orderly in the way they go about business. They are generally reasonable, reliable, and calm.

Conventional people:

  • like to know exactly what is expected of them in a new situation
  • tend to be responsible and dependable
  • like to work in routine work settings
  • usually keep their cool and not lose their temper in times of stress
  • like activities that allow them to use their organizational skills
  • like activities that require attention to detail and accuracy
  • like activities involving preparing records, filing papers, typing letters, and/or operating computers.

Courses for “The Organizer”

  • Business and Computer Science
  • Accounting I/II
  • Accounting Honors
  • Computer Technology
  • Computer Technology II
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Web Page Design
  • Advanced Web Page Design


  • Yearbook

Family and Consumer Sciences

  • Food & Nutrition I
  • Food & Nutrition II
  • ProStart I OR II/Culinary Arts
  • Interior Design I
  • Interior Design II