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Last modified: June 10, 2019

School Profile

Mission & Vision Statement

The mission and vision of Timpview High School is to empower every student to become college, career, and life ready by embracing growth, inclusion, and excellence.

School Improvement Plan Goals

Timpview High School’s school improvement plan goals are:

  1. The percentage of graduates will increase to 93%.
  2. The percentage of freshmen students on track for graduation by the end of their freshmen year will increase to 90%.
  3. 100% of the graduating class will have had a college and career readiness experience prior to graduating.
  4. The grade level reading proficiency of students in College and Career Readiness will improve by 1.5 years.

Stakeholder Reports

School & Community

Timpview High School is located in a northeast suburb of Provo, which lies in a mountainous valley in central Utah. Timpview is a Region 7, 5A School. It is a part of the Provo School District and is one of the three high schools in the district. Home of Brigham Young University, Provo is the state’s third largest city with approximately 120,000 residents. Timpview includes many of the university’s faculty and staff among its supportive patrons. Timpview also shares a reciprocal partnership with BYU and Utah Valley University, which benefits all three institutions’ academic programs.

Timpview High School serves approximately 2,150 students in grades 9 through 12. Timpview’s ethnic make-up is 70.5% Caucasian, 19% Latino, 4% Asian, 4% Pacific Islander, and 2.5% from other multicultural groups. The average ACT score of 22.0 for Timpview students is one of the highest school averages in the state. Student performance is evaluated on a 4.0 unweighted grading scale. Timpview is one of the top rated schools in the state in producing National Merit Semifinalists. In 2017, Timpview led the state with 14 Semifinalists.

Timpview has been on an 8 period block schedule since 2007-08. Timpview values a comprehensive education and offers a wide range of academic, vocational, technical, family science, and fine arts courses.

Through a continued partnership with Utah Valley University, Timpview students earn approximately 1,700 concurrent enrollment credit hours each school year. Timpview also has a thriving AP Program with 20 AP courses being taught. Timpview administered 839 AP Exams in 2017.

Timpview enjoys an excellent reputation in the state for academics and extra-curricular programs. We offer more than 25 student clubs. A strong athletic program offers participation in 12 competitive sports: baseball, basketball, football, golf, swimming, soccer, tennis, track, softball, lacrosse, cross country, and volleyball. The Girls Volleyball team won the State 4A Championship in 2014 and 2012. The football team won the 4A State Championship in 2014 and six of the last 10 years. The boys’ tennis team has won the 4A State Championship nine of the last twelve years. In addition, students have the opportunity to participate in superior programs such as Band, Orchestra, Choir, Drama, Dance, Debate, and Ballroom Dance.

ACT Testing

Year THS Norm Utah Norm National Norm
2013 22.1 20.7 21.1
2014 22.2 20.8 21.0
2015 22.2 20.8 21.0
2016 21.6 19.8 20.9
2017 22.0 20.3 21.0
2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Examinees Passing 79% 74% 76% 68% 73%
Exams Passed 453 452 485 537 625

Grading Policy

Timpview grades are unweighted. Until 2016 Timpview had no “D” grades. The lowest passing grade was 70%.

Number of National Merit Semifinalists

Post High School Education

Graduation Requirements

Subject Credits
English 4.0
Social Studies 3.0
Health .5
Physical Education 1.5
Mathematics 3.0
Science 3.0
Digital Studies .5
Fine Arts 1.5
Career and Tech Ed 1.0
Financial Literacy .5
Elective 8.5
Total Credits 27

AP Classes Taught at Timpview