Yearbook Sales Yearbooks sales continue at the price of $50 per book until we sell out. As of now there are plenty of books available. To purchase a book, email Shauna Black at the Financial Office ( and provide your phone number. She will call and do the transaction over the phone after certifying all fees are taken care of.

Don’t Wait to Buy or You May Wait a Long Time to Buy!!! If you plan to buy a yearbook, note that the process takes a little time. If you wait until closer to distribution day, whenever that ends up happening, you will likely end up experiencing a long delay as the financial office is working to process each payment. Buy now before it gets messy! If 300 people all try to buy at the same time, it will take a long time to accommodate everyone!

Yearbook Distribution in June We now know that yearbook distribution will happen sometime in the middle or end of June. We will provide dates and information about how distribution will happen as soon as we are able.