Our Parent Teacher Conferences (PTC) is coming up!  Due to construction, including limited parking, we will have virtual Parent Teacher Conferences this semester.  We hope you will take advantage of this great opportunity to connect with your child’s teachers.

Date: Thursday, September 16, 2021

Time: 3:00pm – 7:00pm

Location: Meetings will be held via Zoom video conferencing platform

Our appointment sign-up process will be through Canvas, similar to how Centennial Middle School did PTC last school year.  Our teachers are building their PTC schedules in Canvas this week.  On Monday next week, we will send additional information about how to sign up for an appointment.

In the meantime, please become familiar with how to log into your child’s Canvas account by following these steps:

1. Make sure you are logged out of all Gmail and Canvas accounts, including Parent Observer Canvas accounts.  Once you are logged out of your accounts, go to the following website: provo.instructure.com

2. Select the “Student Canvas Login” option.

3. Once you are at the login screen, sign in to your child’s Canvas account by inputting email/username and password.

Username/Email: first initial of first name, first initial of last name, six-digit student ID number (beginning with a zero), and followed by “@stu.provo.edu”

Password is Your Child’s Birthday: month, backslash (/), day, backslash (/), 4 digit year (numbers are not preceded by a zero)


Student Name: John Smith

Username: js012345@stu.provo.edu

Password: 2/4/2003 or 10/20/2003

**Some students may have changed their default birthday password.  If that is the case, please ask your child for their login information.

Please let a school counselor know if you have any questions.

School Counselor Assignments by Last Name

Last Names A-B: Alai Kalaniuvalu alaik@provo.edu

Last Names C-E: Brooklyn Cook brooklync@provo.edu

Last Names F-He: Terresa Kerr terrik@provo.edu

Last Names Hi-L: Christie Lee christiel@provo.edu

Last Names M-Pe: Jordan Williams jordanw@provo.edu

Last Names Pi-Sm: Rachelle Carter rachellec@provo.edu

Last Names Sn-Z: Nate Warner natew@provo.edu

Best, THS Administration