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Spirit Bowl 2022: Who will go the distance?

by: Rachel Lillywhite, Abby Gerstner, Lucy Thorstenson

The snow has melted, the weather is getting warmer, and the only thing left on anyone’s mind is summer vacation. But before the school year can officially end, there is one more thing that needs to be settled: The Spirit Bowl!

The objective of Timpview High School’s Spirit Bowl is simple: win the Spirit Trophy. This is done by students participating in games, dress-up days, and activities in order to earn spirit points. At the end of the week, the grade with the most points wins! Although games and activities are always the favorite part, be careful! Even if your class wins the most games, failure to participate in dress-up days could jeopardize your chances of winning.

With the past two spirit bowls being held under limitations and regulations, Timpview students are excited to go all out this year and prove that their class is the best. The 2022 Spirit bowl theme is Greek Gods and Olympics, with each grade being represented by their own powerful God or Goddess.

The Seniors, who’ll be wearing black, will be represented by Hades: the God of Death. As Lord of the Underworld and the eldest son of Cronus, Hades is inherently powerful and unyielding. He has great influence over others and is willing to do whatever it takes to prove he’s the best.

The Juniors, who’ll dress in white, will be represented by Athena: Goddess of Wisdom and Warfare. In Greek mythology, Athena is said to have been clever and able to outwit others. She fights alongside her fellow warriors and gives them the strength needed to succeed.

The Sophomores, who will wear the color blue, are to be represented by Poseidon: The God of the Sea. Poseidon is known for his confidence and understanding. He is always fit to fight and, like the sea, can either be calm and collected or powerful and unstoppable.

Finally, the Freshman, who will wear Orange, will be represented by the mighty Hercules. Son of Zeus, Hercules is well known for his brute strength and yearning for adventure. Although he is the only Spirit Bowl participant to be a demigod, Hercules has the capability to prove he’s a true hero and an equal to any other.

With four grades competing but only one winning, the stakes are high. Currently, the Seniors are in first place, followed closely by the Sophomores. The Freshman are in third and the Juniors are hanging on in fourth. Favored to win, the Seniors are going to need to bring the heat to keep that top position because every class has a shot at taking home the title. With the Senior class claiming the trophy in 2018, the Juniors in 2019, and then the Seniors again in both 2020 and 2021, the only question that remains is who will come out on top in 2022?

Over the years, the Spirit Bowl has become one of Timpview’s favorite traditions. When asked what they love most about the Spirit Bowl, Timpview students responded with this:

“My favorite part about the spirit bowl is interacting with my fellow students and showing off my school spirit.”       (Reed Broberg, Senior)

“The spirit bowl is where you can release your energy and get hyped and rep your lit class.”

(Drake Peterson, Junior)

“I look forward to the spirit bowl all year. It’s so fun to dress up all week, compete against other grades, and overall just show love and spirit for the school. The energy at the spirit bowl is like none other!”               (Mae Edwards, Sophomore)

Whether it’s the competition between grades, the games, the dress up days, or the performances,The Spirit Bowl is a fun-filled event that has something for every student to enjoy.The 2022 Spirit Bowl will be held Wednesday May 18th. Join us for the chance to support your school and discover, once and for all, who will GO THE DISTANCE?


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