One of our students, Joseph Howard (12th Grade), has just been selected as a finalist for “Young Inventor of the Year” at the International Toy and Game Awards.  He created a manipulative device called “FLING!  The Flying Disc!” that allows people to use the object to promote organic movement.

We are thrilled for Joseph and this incredible accomplishment.  We encourage our Timpview students and community to take part in supporting Joseph in this opportunity.  To vote, please do the following: Go to:

Scroll down to the middle of the page and select: “Click Here To Vote” Select “Click Here To Vote!  Closes October 30th”

People can select names of people they want to vote for or not select any names at all.  Click “Next” until reaching the 3rd (I think) option for “Young Inventor of the Year”.  Once getting here, select Joseph Howard’s name and continue to select “Next” until getting to the end of the survey.  Submit the survey to have the vote counted.

This is an exciting opportunity!  Joseph, we wish you the best of luck!  Congratulations!