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A Checklist Effective June 2016 53A-1a-108(4-5)

  1. Are there at least two more parent/guardian members* (through the remainder of this document referred to as parent members) than school employee members**, including the principal, on the school community council?
  2. Are there fewer parents, who are licensed district employees (not employed at the school), than parents who are not licensed district employees?
  3. Are there at least two employee members on the SCC, including the principal?
  4. Did the principal (or designee) provide notice of an election that included the dates and times of the election with the positions up for election and instructions for becoming a candidate? Was the notice provided at least ten days in advance of the election?
  5. Was the race uncontested, not requiring ballots and voting? If the answer is yes, skip questions 6-8.
  6. Did only parents of students at the school vote for the parent positions at the election?
  7. Did only employees at the school vote for the employee positions (except the principal) at the election?
  8. If the race was contested, was each parent member elected by secret ballot by a majority vote of the parents voting in the election and each school employee elected by secret ballot by a majority vote of the school employees voting in the election?
  9. If there were vacant positions on the council after the elections, did parents on the committee appoint parent members, and the employee members appoint employee members?
  10. Did the SCC elect a chair from the parent group, and a vice-chair from the parent group or employee group?
  11. Were elections and subsequent appointments, where necessary, completed according to a timeline in which councils could complete the required school website postings and the principal could complete the fall online reports on the School LAND Trust website prior to October 20th

53A-1a-108.1(6) and 53A-1a-108(5)(g).

* Parent member means a SCC member who is a parent or guardian of a student who will be enrolled at the school at any time during the parent member’s term. A parent member may not be a licensed employee at the school. ** Employee member means a member of an SCC who is a person employed at the school, including the principal.

NOTE: There are a few schools in the state that are designated by the district as ‘special’ for purposes of establishing a council (secure facility, juvenile detention facility, hospital program, or other small special program) who are not required to establish councils consistent with this list


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