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There were several exceptional Reflections entries this year. Those that moved on to Council from were as follows (follow the hyperlinks to view a selection of the top scoring entries):

Dance Stepping Out, Katherine Boyce Freedom, Cadence Anderson

2D Small acts of love can bring about great change., Daniel Means Preserving Home, Madeline Hoyt Woman change the world, Madeline Salmon What Light, Youjin Bann

3D Preserving Home

Literature Dreams of the Buried, Lorraine Lindsay Infinite Rays, Spencer Cook…%29%20%20%281%29.pdf A victim’s dilemma, Lucy Stewart Through the Lens of Love, Rylynn Hall

Photography Beauty of the Night, Matthew James Love That Matters, Cadence Anderson


Congratulations on choosing to audition for Timpview Dance Company! We get to experience everything from halftime shows to assembly routines, and concert performances. Dancers on Dance Company...