Attached is a copy of the application for grades 9-12 to apply for the Provo City Youth Council.  There will be a parent meeting via zoom on Monday, Oct 5th at 6:30pm and all applications are due no later than Friday, Oct 9th.  Submit applications online  This is a great way to learn about local government and how our city functions.  In the past, we have done a city wide service project called “Serve is a Verb” and a highlight is to attend the Locals at the Legislature, a day were we go to the capital and meet with state officials.  This year is a little different but we are hoping that after the first of the year, things will begin to return to normal.  Until then, we meet via zoom and are currently helping the School Board with their Kindness Initiative.

Here is also a link to access the application online.

If you have students that you think would be a great fit, please pass this information on to them.

Thanks for your help,

Helen Patterson

PYCC Advisor