Please consider the following information in preparation for our upcoming Parent Teacher Conferences.

When: Thursday, September 17 starting at 2:00pm and ending at 7:00pm.

How: Parent Teacher Conferences will be held virtually through providing online-based resources and using the online video conferencing platform Zoom.  You will have multiple options (see below) to access our teachers and information related to your child’s classes.

First option:

Teachers will publish a pre-recorded video and/or fact sheet addressing frequently asked questions (FAQ). FAQ video & document links can be found on the PTC – Zoom Links and Information document (CLICK HERE FOR ZOOM MEETING LINKS FOR ALL TEACHERS)

Second option:

Teachers are setting aside Open House sessions via Zoom. These will be live sessions for as many participants as possible.  Teachers will cover general information about the course, syllabus, and expectations.  Open House times are indicated on the PTC – Zoom Links and Information document (PDF attached).  We encourage parents to access the first and second options before scheduling individual appointments with teachers as these options may answer many questions.

Third option:

If you would like to meet one on one via Zoom with our teachers to discuss individual student needs and experience, please schedule a virtual appointment by using the Online Scheduler.

Scheduler link:

Password: timpview.

If you need help with the online scheduler, see this instructional video provided by the Online Scheduler company:

Teachers’ individual Zoom links can be found on the PTC – Zoom Links and Information document (PDF attached).

Fourth option:

If you cannot attend parent teacher conferences, or cannot set up a time that works for you; we encourage you to email your child’s teacher directly. You will be able to meet with them via Zoom or here at the school during our 1:00pm to 3:00pm Consultation time.

Helpful hints for a successful Zoom parent conference:

Use the Zoom link provided in PTC – Zoom Links and Information document (PDF attached) to enter into a conversation with your child’s teacher at your scheduled time. If the teacher is still wrapping up a previous conversation, you will be brought to a virtual waiting room. Please stay in this waiting room until the teacher admits you in to the conversation. Once the teacher admits you, Zoom will automatically transition you to be able to enter the conversation. We are respectfully requesting that all one to one conversations be limited to 3 to 5 minutes. We encourage students to participate in the conference process. Please invite your child to be a part of the conversation with you and the teachers. Translation services will be available (please contact the main office). Reach out to your child’s teacher or a school counselor if you have any questions.

Counselor Contact Information

A-B: Alai Kalaniuvalu C-E: Brooklyn Cook F-H: Monique Hadley I-L: Christie Lee M-O: Jordan Williams P-Sm: Rachelle Carter Sn-Z: Nate Warner


THS Administration