For Participants and General Public:

Tickets will go on sale for football, cheer, dance, and coaches on Wednesday at 12:00 noon.  They will have 24 hours to purchase their tickets before they are released to the public.  Codes will be provided to those on the active roster by their coaches.  Those codes are not to be given out by any other source.  On Thursday at 12:30, all unclaimed tickets will go on sale to the public.  Patrons will use the code #TVPublic.

For Students and Faculty:

Tickets will go on sale (free) to students and faculty on Wednesday Sept 9 at 12:00.

Please have students and faculty 1.  go to, 2.  select tickets from the upper right hand corner, 3.  Select the Timpview vs Mountain Ridge Football game 4.  Click Buy Tickets

5. Enter passcode. Passcode will be available to students and faculty in the activity center on Tuesday morning

There will be 100 student tickets available on the track.  They are limited to 1 ticket per transaction.

There will also be 100 faculty tickets on the grass.  They will be limited to 2 tickets per transaction.

Thanks so much for your help.  See you at the game.