Provo School District COVID 19

Guidelines for Driver Education

Behind the Wheel, Simulators, and Classroom

All staff will use the COVID 19 Daily Self Checklist All students will use the COVID 19 Screening Checklist daily All students and staff must wear face coverings Hands will be washed or sanitized before and after each session

Areas to be cleaned- Anything the students will touch

In-car: Steering wheel, Gear selector, Mirrors, Window levers, Signal indicator, Wiper control,  Door handles

Size restrictions

About 15 students in the classroom so social distancing can be maintained Maximum of 5 students and 1 instructor in simulator class Maximum of 3 students and 1 instructor per car


A student must have a valid permit with them each day that they drive. Students should be called to drive according to birth dates exceptions may be considered No food or drinks allowed in the cars All Driver Ed. policies will be enforced for each school Normal hours should be used for each phase of the program Testing must be done after the 6 hours of driving and observation Avoid handling and sharing paperwork as much as possible