With the current circumstances involving COVID 19, the Driver Education program in the Provo School District will be postponed until March 30th. At that time, Provo City School District will reevaluate the situation and make a decision on what to do next with Driver Education. In the meantime, students can still participate in the online portion of the class. Please contact your school if you are interested in switching to an online version of the class.

Here are the changes for at least the next two weeks:

We understand that this is inconvenient for many families. Our main priority is keeping students as well as the community safe as we do our part at social distancing during these next few weeks. As this is an ever-changing situation for us, we will try our best to send out updates regarding the Driver Education program. We hope that things improve quickly so we can get back to serving the students in their desire to get a driver’s license.

Once students are back in school, we will work diligently to help students finish up with where they left off. Students who have finished all the phases of the Driver Education program will need to contact the DLD to obtain their license.