Cheer Recap by Kennedy Rogers

As one year comes to a close, a new year is just beginning. Last Wednesday night, April 18, the 2017-2018 cheer squad said goodbye to their year at the end of year banquet held at Riverside Country Club. The girls were presented with awards from the captains and the seniors were also honored with Timpview blankets. Along with their farewell to their season, they also said goodbye to coach Krissy Fry.

Although this past year was an amazing season, which included cheering at multiple games all the way to the competition team traveling to Nationals in California, this next group is said to have lots of talent. Cheer tryouts will be held at the end of this week, April 25-27. At tryouts girls are able to showcase their talents towards the coaches and judges. The graduating seniors will teach the girls a new dance and cheer that they are expected to have perfected by the actual tryout, on Friday. Along with that girls will exhibit their tumbling and jumps. Although tryouts can be very nerve racking, we wish the best to all of those trying out. We also wish the best to the new coach Zoe Hale, a Timpview alumni.

Cheerleaders are often faced with the question of “what do you guys even do” or “what is your schedule like?” Cheerleaders are expected to attend their practices, games, and involvement activities as well as balancing their student life. Practices are held throughout the summer and about every other day throughout the school year. During football season, girls cheer are at least one  football game a week, make posters for all activities, attend swim, girls soccer, girls tennis and wrestling, and cheer at volleyball games. As you can imagine, it can sometimes be hard to keep up. Once football season is over, basketball season is upon the girls. The girls then cheer at about two boys basketball and one girls basketball game a week, but they also make sure to support the other activities going on around campus. After basketball season the year starts to wind down, but don’t worry, they don’t forget to support boys soccer and tennis. On average, girls make about fifteen posters a year. These include state posters all the way to congratulating band or drama. Cheer is a big time commitment, but these girls handle their load with a smile on their face.