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Find out more about our Attendance Policy that is starting next term. Find out more, by click on these slides: Timpview Attendance Policy Slides

You can also watch the two videos prepared for our Parents/Community & our Students

Attendance Video (for Parents)

Attendance Video (for Students)

Why Attendance?

  • We have seen an increased in student absenteeism state-wide, and that is also true for our Tbirds
  • Attendance is important for: 1. Learning 2. Safety 3. Being on track for graduation

What is our Goal? Why start now?

  • We want to see an improvement in attendance week to week
  • We are using 4th term as a pilot to see what improvements we can make, and collect additional insights moving forward into next school year

How will I know if I don’t have great attendance

  • Daily text and phone calls to parents will be sent out
  • Your PowerSchool homepage will change colors based on your attendance
    • Green= Good
    • Yellow= Concerning
    • Red= Needs help
  • We will be using a point system to determine what color your attendance is
    • Tardy (T) = 1 point
    • Late Tardy (3) = 2 points
    • Unexcused Absence (A) = 4 points
    • Sluff (U) = 6 points
    • 0 – 12 points is good
    • 13 – 19 points is okay
    • 20 + points will initiate consequences

How do I fix my attendance? What if I don’t fix it?

  • A.R.C= Academic Recovery Class (class offered before school, during lunch and after school) to help makeup time
  • Students in the Red will be put on a Non-Participation List (all extracurriculars for that student will be paused till attendance is taken care of)
  • If need, an In School Academic Mentoring will occur to help students during school hours to recover time lost in class
  • If need, an appointment with parent, student and admin will be setup to discuss steps forward 

Rewards & Incentives

  • If improvement is seen week to week, here are some of the rewards:
    • Turning some of our 2 lunches into 1 lunch
    • Spirit Bowl Points
    • Having the last week of school be all half days

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