STEPS to Signing up for the AP TEST!

A. Students create their CollegeBoard accounts on Many students will already have their accounts from last year.

B. Students Join your AP Classroom with the Join Code you give them. This is super important. I can’t order an exam for a student unless they have done this.  This is why it’s important for you to verify that all of your AP students have Joined your AP Classroom.

C. Students pay the $95.00 AP exam fee for each exam they are taking in the Finance Office or online. Students should verify that the name is correct on the receipt.

D. Students on Free/Reduced Lunch can pay for their AP exams at a reduced cost of $40.00. There are AP Exam Reduced Fee forms in the counseling center that need to be filled out and turned in to Shauna Black when a student pays the reduced fee in the Finance Office.

E. If a student has any questions or concerns about fees, please refer them to see me in the counseling center.