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Timpview High School Attendance Policy 2021-22

A Quick Guide

Why Good Attendance Matters

The purpose of Timpview’s attendance policy is to support families and show students that we care about their success. “Chronic absenteeism — missing 10 percent or more of school days due to absence for any reason—excused, unexcused absences and suspensions, can translate into students having difficulty learning to read by the third-grade, achieving in middle school, and graduating from high school” (


The following definitions will help you navigate the vocabulary of our attendance policy.

Type PowerSchool Code Definition

Tardy T 0-15 minutes late to class; Three Ts = 1 A

Very Late 3 16-30 minutes late to class; Two 3s = 1 A

Unexcused A 31+ minutes late to class OR not attending class at all


Excused E Any absence excused by a parent/guardian through the

Absence attendance office within 7 calendar days of it occurring

Truancy U Any student without a hall pass outside their assigned class/area

Note: If you know in advance that your student will be missing more than 4 days of school, please use the Pre-Approved Absence Form found at the Attendance Office.

The Attendance Policy

Based on Provo City School District Policy 3150 P2, Timpview’s attendance policy will work as follows:

Students with 3 unexcused absences within the same class per term or 6 unexcused absences in different class periods per term will receive a Notification of Attendance Letter Students with 10 or more unexcused absences per term will receive a 1st Citation Letter and referral to Provo’s Truancy School Students with 14 or more unexcused absences per term will receive a 2nd Citation Letter and referral to Provo Attendance Court (PAC)

How to Remediate Attendance Problems

To reduce the # of accrued tardies, 3s, and unexcused absences per term, students can attend Attendance School. Attendance school will be held in room M-10 on Monday – Friday during lunch; Monday – Thursday after school from 2:30 – 3:55; and occasional Saturdays.

15 min = a Tardy Lunchtime Attendance School

30 min = a 3 Up to two tardies or one 3

45 min = an Unexcused Absence

After School Attendance School

Up to six tardies or three 3s or two unexcused absences


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