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Last modified: March 27, 2019

Sara Van Tuyl

Course Description/Overview/Welcome Statement

Welcome to US History! I am looking forward to a great year together. Understanding the history of this country is a vitally important part of becoming a well-informed citizen. This class is a survey of US history and will cover the history of the United States from the late 1800s through modern times. We will cover major events and people as well as themes and ideas across this time period. In this class you will learn how to analyze primary and secondary sources, understand historical chronology, and use historical context to better understand important issues in the world today.

My hope is that we can have fun exploring history together. We have a lot of material to cover in just one year. Your daily attendance and participation is essential. In addition, I expect each student to display the characteristics of personal responsibility, respect, integrity, discipline, and engagement. In return for your attentiveness during class, I will do my part to make the course interesting and relevant to your lives.

Learning Expectations

Overarching Essentials (Skills):

  1. I can write an argumentative essay;
  2. Thesis Statement
  3. Topic Sentences/Reasons support Thesis
  4. Evidence
  5. Commentary
  6. I can read and analyze Historical Documents;
  7. Historical Context
  8. Intended Audience
  9. Purpose of Document
  10. Point of View/Bias
  11. I can read and interpret maps, charts, graphs, and prose.
  12. Identify a key
  13. Use scale properly
  14. Interpret the purpose
  15. I can explain long/short term causes and effects of historical events;
  16. Link 2 historical events by listing 3 events that connect the two
  17. I can research Historical questions.
  18. Proper Source Citations (MLA)
  19. Assess Validity of sources
  20. Identify Bias/POV of sources
  21. Proper Bibliographic sources (MLA)

Overarching Essentials (Knowledge): Term 1: How did Industrialization and social reform affect immigration and employment? Term 2: What are the causes and consequences of isolationism and interventionism? How have personal freedoms and cultures changed over time for different groups? Term 3: How did economic boom and bust affect governmental policies (The New Deal) and different groups of people? What are the causes and effects of World War II? Term 4: How did the Cold War shape domestic policies, foreign policies and pop culture? How does technology and social media impact our current perceptions of history? ALL Terms: What connections between the events and ideas of the past impact my life today?


Assessment of Progress


Quizzes/Journal Entries/Current Events/Professionalism: 10%
Class will always begin with a journal entry or a short, simple quiz. Your Journal Entry Logs will be due when they are filled. You are responsible for these even when you are absent. Check the blog. Quiz questions will come from assigned readings or material discussed in class the previous day. Quizzes will not always be announced. Beginning of class quizzes cannot be made up. Professionalism points will be awarded for following classroom policies and participating in class.


Projects & Papers: 20%

Each term there will be a major project (videos, picture collages, models, papers, or presentations) in order to gain a greater understanding of US History.
Assignments: 20%
Assignments will consist of: 1) Class Notes, 2) Analyzing Documents, 3) Written Responses, 4) Video Summaries, 5) Class Activities, etc. You will be turning in a packet of class notes at the end of every unit. I expect that ALL assignments will be your own work.

Tests: 50%
Tests will be a series of multiple choice, short answer, and essay questions. Each unit will have a test. There will be a comprehensive final at the end of the semester.

Grade Breakdown
A 100-94%, A- 93%-90%, B+ 89%-87%, B 86-84%, B- 83%-80%, C+ 79%-77%, C 76-74%, C-73%-70%, D+ 67-69%, D 63%-66%, D- 60-62%, F 59% or below

Course Materials

I expect every student to bring to class with them every day:

Classroom Procedures

Late Work: All work will be due on the day of each unit test unless otherwise stated. You may turn in late assignments up until the next unit’s test only. Late assignments may only receive up to 70% credit.

Extra Credit: Extra credit opportunities will be on Canvas under “synthesis and extra credit”. You can propose extra credit ideas as well, but all extra credit must be focused on helping you learn US History better.

Extra credit cannot raise your grade more than ½ a letter grade (for example, the highest extra credit could raise your grade would be from a B+ to an A-).

Electronics: No Cellphones, or other unnecessary electronic devices can be used in class unless directed by Mrs. Van Tuyl. If I see your phone for whatever reason I may ask you to place it in an envelope where it will be securely stored until the end of the period. If you refuse to surrender the item I will ask you to visit the office where the issue will be resolved further. If this becomes a chronic problem your phone will not be returned to you until the end of the day at the office.

Attendance: We will follow Timpview’s attendance policy (see student planner for details). In our class, being “on time” means being in your assigned seat when the bell rings.

Absent Work: If you are absent, you will be required to turn in the work (assignments, projects, & tests) that was due that day, the day you return. If you miss a day of class, you are responsible to look on the blog, review what you missed and complete the assignments for that day.

*A Note on Bullying
It is extremely important that everyone feel safe in my classroom and at Timpview High School. Any form of bullying (including teasing, name-calling, spreading rumors, using inappropriate gestures, excluding others from a group, etc.) is absolutely prohibited. Additionally, any form of cyber-bullying (sending inappropriate text messages, sending inappropriate pictures, spreading hurtful words through social media, etc.) will also not be tolerated. If you see bullying of any kind tell an adult.

Classroom behavior:

  1. Come to class on time, prepared, and ready to participate in class.
  2. No electronics unless directed by Ms. Van Tuyl.
  3. Always show respect to the teacher and other students in words and actions. Do not put down other students for any reason.
  4. If you don’t understand something please ask! There are no stupid questions.

Calendar of Due Dates for Major Assignments

Overarching Scope and Sequence

Progress Reports and Report Cards

Students will receive both a printed midterm and a final progress report for each term.

Connecting Home to School


Phone: 801-221-9720 ext. 3511

Personal Statement and other items (optional)