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Last modified: April 23, 2019

Math A Disclosure Statement 2016 – 2017

Mr. Moore

Timpview High School

Room: U-29

E-mail: Course Description: In this class we will be using the Saxon Math 6/5 Curriculum. We will be reinforcing basic math principles along with learning a new topic every day. This course will help them prepare for the Math B class.

Calculators: Students may use calculators for their homework. We are working on proficiency with basic math skills in the classroom.

Textbooks: Each student will share a textbook that will be used in class. If the student needs to take it home to finish their homework they can sign it out after school. The book needs to be returned the following morning. If the student loses the textbook the replacement cost is $65.00.

Binders: Each student will be given a binder to use as a portfolio of their math work. The binder will be used as a tool to measure the students’ progress through the year. I will use it during Parent/Teacher conference to show the students work and progress up to that time.

Classroom Behavior/Atmosphere: I expect each student to act in a respectful manner in class. I will provide a positive and lively learning environment in the classroom. I expect students to participate with questions and answers in the classroom. I like to have fun in the classroom. The class rules are as follows:

  1. Students need to be in their seats when the bell rings or they are tardy.
  2. Come to class prepared (pencil and paper).
  3. Students will show respect to the teacher and fellow students.
  4. Raise hands if you have a question or want to answer a question.

Assignments: All assignments and test will be completed in pencil only. The students will have between 17 and 25 minutes to work on their assignment in class. What they do not finish in class will be homework. The students will work individually or in small groups (no more than 3) on their assignments. The assignment will consist of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and the new material they have learned. By doing this they keep up on topics they have already learned. The preferred method of turning in their assignment is the next class period. I will not accept any assignment that is over a week old, i.e. an assignment given on Monday will be due by the following Monday. The students need to show all of their work on multi-step problems on their assignments, if not, I will not accept it. This way I will be able to tell where the student is having problems with the material. If the student has an excused absent or sickness they will have the number of days absent or sick to make up the missed assignments.

Grading: Because some students have test-taking fears, I grade straight across the boards, one point for one question. Each student can receive up to five points for class participation each day. If the student is tardy the participation drops to a three. Learning math is a step-by-step process; if you miss a day it can put you behind the learning curve. To receive the points they need to ask questions, answer questions, participate in their small group and pay attention to the lesson. Students can earn up to 10 points each day based on their behavior in class. If they are tardy the grade drops to a 7. The grade is based on how well they acted in class. If the student is not in class, they will receive a zero for both participation and behavior. They will show up as zeros in Power School. If the reason they were not there is excused the zeros will show up as “EX” (excused) in Power School. They are still responsible for the assignment.

The daily points that a student can earn each day are 15. The homework assignment is between 15 and 20 points; therefore students have the opportunity to earn between 30 and 35 points each day. I will also check their binders at random intervals to check on the organization and completeness for the binder. This inspection will be worth 25 points.

The grading scale is as follows:

A 100-93% C+ 79-77% D- 63-60% A- 92-90% C 76-73% B+ 89-87% C- 72-70% B 86-83% D+ 69-67% B- 82-80% D 66 64% Class Time Schedule: Class warm-up 7 minutes

New concept 30-40 minutes

Homework 30 minutes

Review/Clean-up 10 minutes

Total Class Time 87 minutes

Extra Credit: I will rarely offer extra credit assignments; I will give extra credit for parent/teacher conference attendance and test reviews

Parents: Timpviews attendance and electronic device procedures will be strictly enforced in class. Please refer to the student handbook concerning these procedures. Please read and review this document with your student. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me. I am looking forward to helping your student excel in the subject.

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