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Last modified: August 27, 2019

French 1, 2, & 3h/4h Courses Disclosure Document

Course Description/Overview/Welcome Statement

Teacher: Madame Nathalie LeBras, Room U-40, (801) 221-9720, Extension #: 3681,

Bienvenue au cours de français, tout le monde!  You have made an excellent choice in choosing to learn a second language. Senator Howard Stephenson said: “Learning a second language is no longer something people do for pleasure or travel. It’s a must for those hoping to compete in the global marketplace”. Speaking, reading, writing and understanding other languages and cultures will prepare you to become the most valuable candidates in tomorrow’s job market.

Choosing French is another excellent choice because it is the most practical foreign language! Did you know that French is spoken on five continents (56 countries count French as one of their languages and 28 of them have French as an official language) – think of the advantage it would give you in a diplomatic, scientific, medical or business career… Plus, let’s not forget how you will be able to impress friends and family speaking the most beautiful and romantic language on the planet!

Learning Expectations

Student Expectations:

We will follow the Timpview school policies on attendance, academic integrity (plagiarism), dress and grooming, and the electronic devices while in class in the Student Handbook.  Please review them with your parent/guardian on the Timpview website under “Policies & Forms”.

1)     Be prepared with required class materials, homework, and a pencil/pen everyday.

2)     Be on time in your assigned seat when the tardy bell rings.  Pop quizzes may be administered at this time and cannot be made up if tardy or absence is unexcused. (Please note school attendance policy.)

3)     Be respectful by attentively listening to presentations, promptly following instructions from Mme LeBras, guests, or other students in class meaning please don’t speak to other students or sleep while Mme LeBras, guests, or classmates are speaking to the class. Wait for the appropriate time to ask questions/make comments, leave the classroom, and sharpen your pencil. Raise your hand & wait to be called on before speaking. Also, only water is allowed in class. No food unless you have a valid medical condition or it is approved by Mme LeBras beforehand.

4)     Be in your assigned seat at all times unless otherwise directed by Mme LeBras.

5)     Be your best self. Be honest in all you do. Always do your best. (Failure is not an option in my class.)

6)     Be excited to learn. Speak French 90-100% of the time you are in class according to your class level. A positive attitude goes a long way especially for Mme LeBras and is the easiest way to earn extra points at the end of each term. 😉


1)     2 Verbal Warnings

2)     Teacher Conference with student

3)     Contact parent or guardian

4)     Parent/Guardian and Teacher conference

5)     Refer to Administration

Assessment of Progress

Grading will be based on the following categories:

·       Compositions/Presentations in French – 30%. Written assignments and oral presentations will be assigned regularly each term to periodically assess student level of understanding in acquiring the skills necessary to improve their overall proficiency in the French language according to the ACTFL proficiency scale guidelines/criteria and the course objectives.

·       Quizzes, Oral tests and Written tests – 30%. Assessments are important as they inform both you and me of the skills you have acquired.  Note: Any student caught cheating on a quiz or test will be given a “0” and not allowed to make it up.

·      Communication in French – 20%. You are fully engaged in class activities using French 90-100% of time.

·       Homework – 20%. Bring homework on the due date.  Late homework may or may not be considered for only ½ credit. (Exceptions may apply for valid reasons). Even if specific exercises are not requested, please review the vocab and the concepts learned in prior classes to be as prepared as possible. If you don’t do any homework in between classes, you will not be able to participate efficiently.

*Extra credit may be earned through approved additional assignments, projects, or simply by CONSISTENTLY being engaged and actively participating in class discussions, projects, and other activities as noted by Mme LeBras.

Grades Distribution Percentages:

A: 93-100                 B-: 80-82                  D+: 67-69

A-: 90-92                  C+: 77-79                 D: 63-66

B+: 87-89                 C: 73-76                    D-: 60-62

B: 83-86                    C-: 70-72                  F: Below 60

Course Materials

Items to bring to class everyday by Wednesday, August 21st: (20 points)

–        Binder with at least 2 pockets or folders OR a thick notebook that includes at least 2 pockets OR a thick folder for storing handouts/homework.

–        1 composition book or notebook with your name & class period on it as a class journal for taking notes or participating in class assignments.

–        Pen and/or pencil

Classroom Procedures

Calendar of Due Dates for Major Assignments

Progress Reports and Report Cards

Connecting Home to School

Personal Statement and other items (optional)