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Last modified: August 27, 2019

AP French Disclosure Document

Course Description/Overview/Welcome Statement

AP French Language & Culture

Timpview High School


Instructors: Madame LeBras & Madame Perl

Email: /

Course Information

This course is designed as a culmination of students’ French studies. At this point, they have already learned the structures necessary to communicate in French. Students should already have good control of grammar concepts and be considerably competent in listening, reading, writing, and speaking. However, we will still review and refine those grammatical structures while learning new vocabulary to communicate in French on a variety of topics. AP French emphasizes all aspects of language: listening, speaking, reading, writing, and culture. This course is designed to prepare students for the AP French Language and Culture exam. This course is conducted exclusively in French, and students are expected to only speak in French in class. Students are expected to take the AP French Language and Culture exam at the end of the course. If students pass the AP French Language and Culture exam, they may take a 3000-level Bridge course the following school year.  These French Bridge courses offer university credit (concurrent enrollment) and are taught jointly between a professor and high school teacher.  It is our hope that students will take advantage of this amazing program by earning up to 9 credits in French by the time they graduate from high school.

Learning Expectations


This course is designed to be equivalent to an intermediate college-level French course. Students are expected to come to class prepared and ready to participate. We will discuss different themes and topics regularly, and students will be expected to share opinions, ideas, and questions.

Themes for the course

1. Beauty and aesthetics

2. Contemporary life

3. Global challenges

4. Personal and public identities

5. Families and communities

6. Science and technology

Assessment of Progress


Preparation and Participation

Class attendance and participation are essential to a student’s progress in this course. Persistent, active in-class participation develops students’ speaking and writing. Therefore, it is essential that students attend class.  Participation points are awarded easily.  As the course is conducted entirely in French, points will be deducted if English is spoken. Be polite, courteous and respectful to the teacher, other students and the property of others.


Students are expected to be in their seat, ready to learn when the bell rings. It is the student’s responsibility to do the make-up work if absent.

Homework / Make-up Work

When homework is assigned, students will be made aware in class.  It will also be listed online in our canvas classroom. It is essential that students familiarize themselves with this course website to ensure they have completed all the necessary work.

Homework submitted late is graded at 75% for one week.  After one week it is worth 50%. After 2 weeks I will no longer accept any submissions.  If you have an excused absence, you have 1 week to submit your homework without a deduction.

Students need to practice grammar and vocabulary outside the classroom daily. Part of the students grade will be if they have done 30 minutes of outside class study per week, on top of class assignments. My suggestion is to download an app such as DuoLingo, Dr French (is excellent but costs $), Busuu, Innovative or other similar applications.  If the student does not have access to a mobile device, these applications are also available through websites. Feel free to reach out for more information if needed.  Though students have a strong skill-set in producing language, sometimes there are simple grammar errors that continue to exhibit themselves.  The goal of this 30 minutes weekly practice will help reinforce simple grammar principles that need to be solidified.

Extra Credit

Students have the ability to earn extra credit by immersing themselves in the French language outside of the classroom.  If students listen to podcasts, watch movies/shows (with French subtitles), music videos in French they can earn credit to improve their grade. Students will be required to submit a form explaining how many hours and detail what they did in order to be rewarded these points.  1 hour = 10 pts extra credit.  Students may earn up to 60 points extra credit per term.

Electronic Devices

No cell phones for unapproved activities or I will take them for the day.   No earbuds / headphones or other electronic devices will be permitted either. This shows respect to the teacher, classmates and helps you focus on learning French in the short time that we have.  In accordance with Timpview’s policy, cell phones/earbuds/headphones will be confiscated if they are used without permission.


Grades can be accessed through PowerSchool. I encourage students and parents to check grades weekly.  If there are any questions or concerns regarding grades/absences/make-up work, feel free to contact me via email.

Grades are based on the following scale established by the school:

Students will receive grades in the following 4 categories:

25% –  Participation

25% –  Exams/Quizzes

25% –  Homework

25%  – In-Class Assignments

●      Attendance is vital for success in the classroom!


Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated. Students may receive a zero on a test or assignment if they cheat or plagiarize.  Using Google translate or other similar tools to translate your entire body of work is considered plagiarism.  These tools are useful and effective, but should be used prudently.


Course Materials


Students need to come to class prepared with a 1-subject spiral notebook, used for essay writing. In addition, students will need to bring a binder to contain their handouts, homework and extra paper for note taking.

Classroom Procedures

Calendar of Due Dates for Major Assignments

Progress Reports and Report Cards

Connecting Home to School

Online Classroom

This year we will be using Canvas to help with the in and out of classroom learning. Homework and missed assignments can be easily located on canvas.  Links to helpful websites and other useful information will be available there as well.   More instruction will be given in class on how to use this important resource.  Parents are welcome to create a login and view assignments and class information as well.  To login go to


Personal Statement and other items (optional)