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Last modified: April 24, 2019

Jeffery, Kodi


Brigham Young University Bachelor of Science, Biology Composite Teaching major, Mathematics Teaching minor

Louisiana State University Master of Natural Science, Zoology major, Science Education minor

Louisiana State University Doctor of Philosophy, Curriculum and Instruction, emphasis on Science Education


Provo Canyon Schools; Sunset View Middle School; Turtle Bay Exploration Center; Centennial Museum (University of Texas El Paso); LSU Museum of Natural Science; M.L. Bean Life Science Museum (Brigham Young University)

About me

I was raised in Provo and graduated from Timpview loooong ago. I tried chemical engineering and computer science at BYU and didn’t care much for them. However, I also started working at the Bean Life Science Museum, where I fell in love with teaching science. I eventually graduated with a teaching degree in biology and mathematics.

I love nature and learning about the fascinating organisms who share our planet. I adore my granddaughters and enjoy sharing science with people of all ages. I am an advocate for LGBTQ people, those from other countries, and all those who don’t always fit in. I love people from all walks of life, and I celebrate their differences.