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Last modified: January 21, 2020

Ceramics 1

Ceramics 1 Visual Art /Grades 9-12 Credits .5

Welcome to Ceramics, the class that you get out what you put in. In this class you will learn art, history, math, communication, chemistry, and how to be awesome. In this class you will make art that you can use in your everyday life, from mugs to bowls and so much more. You will get dirty, so please plan on it. This is a time intensive class, it is important that you attend class and use your time wisely. This class will touch on most major aspects of the Ceramics world from hand building to sculpture. Come to class with a good attitude and an endless imagination. The number one learning objective in this class is to gain a basic understanding of the principles and elements of art and design. This will be achieved by doing the basic hand building techniques and assignments. We will also be learning about different styles of firing, and about different cultures and when and how they have used these techniques throughout their history. Rules. Mr. Davison’s Classroom Rules 1. Respect others work (if it is not yours do not touch it!) 2. ABSOLUTLY NO AIRBORNE CLAY OR TOOLS WILL BE TOLERATED 3. No horseplay or rough housing whatsoever! 4. All school rules apply in this classroom. (See online Handbook) 5. Be on time and get to work. 6. Most important of all… if I am talking you are not. I have few rules; these rules need to be followed to the letter. By following the rules, I am happy, and the one thing we all want is a happy Mr. Davison. Attendance Policy There is an Attendance Policy and it will be enforced. If you have questions about this Policy please see school web site. Class Fee Class fee is $40. This covers class glazes, tools, clay, and other class materials that are necessary. You will be checked out tools if you lose or damage the tools you will need to pay for them.


Hand Building Due Date Points Signed Syllabus


3 Kitchen Garbage Bags


2 Pinch Pot Bowls


2 Soft Slab Mugs


1 Hard Slab Box

100 1-10” Coil Pot 100 Yixing Teapot 100

** Assignments and due dates can change based on time and teacher preference. Extra Credit Extra credit is given randomly though out the term. Please take advantage of those opportunities. Grades I grade on a rubric that is based on mastery of the skills at hand. I do not want to fail anyone, so please watch your grades. All assignments have due dates you have up to two (2) weeks after the due date to get them turned in to me. After that it will be up to me to accept any later work. TALK TO ME, I WILL HELP YOU, PLEASE DO NOT FAIL MY CLASS.

Students with disabilities If you are a student with a 504 or an IEP or any medical conditions, please let me know. Parents/Guardians please fill in any information you think I need to know in order to accommodate your student with areas mentioned above. The one thing I want all of you to know is how excited I am to be here at Timpview and to be your teacher. This is going to be a lot of fun. We are going to make awesome pots, jam to awesome tunes, and learn about awesome potters. There is an awesome potter inside each of you and with my help we will find them. I want you to know that if you fail, I fail. Together we can and will accomplish anything. So get in here and lets make awesome pots.

——————————————————————————————— Print Name_______________________________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian Name____________________________________________________________ I have read all of the syllabus and understand all the information there in and I am completely and overwhelmingly excited that my student is in your capable hands. Student Signature_____________________________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian Signature__________________________________________________________

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