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Last modified: August 15, 2019

Bowen, Derek

The vision of Timpview High School is to empower each student to become college, career, and life ready by embracing growth, inclusion, and excellence. As part of that vision, it is my goal to teach, love, and support each and every student by continually striving to provide the very best classroom experience possible!


One summer, my father was put in charge of creating a family chant for an upcoming family reunion. Putting his English major education to work, my father played on our last name of Bowen in order to create the homonym BowenArrow (bow and arrow) and the following clever chant:


Shoot it straight!

We won’t quit till it hits that gate!

Sound off!

(everyone shouts their name)!

Rah! Rah! Rah!

Little did I fully appreciate at the time how my father was subtly teaching me to do my very best and to never stop trying to succeed. I have taught the chant to my children, and I now share it with my students as part of the extended BowenArrow Family. The BowenArrow Chant has become a fun teaching tool to help my student’s learn each other’s names, build unity and a sense of belonging, and encourage them to work hard and never give up until they have mastered the learning targets and educational standards–the bulls-eyes–that we try to hit each class.

Attached are links for class disclosures. Each has been made available in three formats:  Google Forms, Google Docs, and Web page. Each student and their guardian need to read and digitally sign the Google Form version of the class disclosure. Once signed and submitted, this version will no longer be available. The Google Doc version needs to be printed out and put in students’ binders for a hard copy reference throughout the year. The Web page version provides a digital reference throughout the year.

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