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Last modified: October 16, 2018

Appointed Positions

Appointed Positions for Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors

Chief Justice

Public Relations

Inclusive Reps (formally known as “Cultural Rep”)

Video Coordinators

Art Specialist/Graphic Designer

Social Media & Tech Rep

Cheer Rep

Poly Leadership Rep

Latinos in Action Rep

Special Notes

Just because the job description is short, does not mean the job will be short. Many will have opportunities to head special assignments throughout the year.

All members of Student Government are required to help with every activity, and all members report to Student Body President and advisors. Inability to fulfill assignments will show in Student Government grade.

If a student leader isn’t able to fulfill an assignment for any reasons possible, the assignment will be reassigned.

If some position is not ran for during election week, it automatically becomes appointed. You cannot switch positions once you have declared, even if there is an open position.

How to Prepare for Interviews

If you are going for an appointed position you need to do everything in the Student Government Election Packet, along with reviewing the following guidelines.

Each student will need to come prepared to their interview with the following listed items. You need to prepare only for your first position choice for the interview.

Although you will be preparing for your first choice position, you may not necessarily get appointed to that position. You might get appointed to one of your other choices, or not get appointed at all.

Chief Justice

Be prepared with the following discussion points:

Public Relations

Be prepared with the following discussion points:

Video Coordinators

Come with a sample video announcement (include the following announcements: New Student BBQ on Friday, Football Game on Thursday, spotlight one student, Ballroom competition). Consider the following in your video: variety of students, sound of video, structure, flow of video. If you are running with a partner, you will interview together and make your video together.

Cultural Liaison

Come prepared to discuss the following discussion points:

Art Specialist

Come to your interview with the following ideas (these must be sketched out/on the computer): Election Week Flier, Student Government Shirt, Culture Week Poster

Tech Crew Representative

Come willing to discuss the following: