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Last modified: November 17, 2022

Social Social & Human Services – “the Helper”

SocialSocial people are people lovers. They are concerned, sensitive, and supportive. They enjoy activities that allow them to use their skills and talent to interact effectively with others. They are generally less interested in performing mechanical activities or tasks. They like activities that involve working with and helping others. They enjoy closeness,sharing, groups, unstructured activities, and are good in leadership roles. They enjoy teaching, nurturing and assisting others.

Social people:

  • tend to be friendly and helpful
  • like activities that involve working with others rather than being alone
  • like activities that involve informing, training, teaching, understanding, and helping others
  • think most people are easy to get along with
  • usually feel good about expressing themselves verbally
  • like to meet new people and make friends easily
  • like helping people solve their problems
  • like being asked to take a leadership role

Courses for “The Helper”


  • Leadership Principles


  • Speech and Debate Team
  • Journalism
  • Yearbook


  • Early Childhood Education IA
  • Early Childhood Education IB
  • Early Childhood Education II
  • Child Development
  • Adult Roles
  • Food & Nutrition I
  • Food & Nutrition II
  • ProStart I OR II/Culinary Arts
  • Interior Design I
  • Interior Design II
  • Clothing II
  • Clothing III
  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion Strategies
  • Sports Sewing/Clothing I
  • Health-Sports-Medicine
  • Sports Medicine/Exercise Science
  • Health

Languages of the World

  • American Sign Language I
  • American Sign Language II
  • American Sign Language III
  • French I
  • French II
  • French III
  • AP French IV
  • AP French V
  • German I 
  • German II 
  • German 1020 
  • German Honors 1020 
  • AP German IV
  • AP German V
  • Japanese I
  • Japanese II 
  • Japanese III
  • Japanese IV
  • Spanish I 
  • Spanish II 
  • Honors Spanish II 
  • Spanish III 
  • Honors Spanish 3 
  • Honors Spanish 3 Native
  • Native AP Spanish 
  • IVAP Spanish IV
  • Chinese i 
  • Chinese II 
  • Chinese III
  • Latinos in Action

Social Studies

  • Geography 
  • Geography Honors
  • World Civilization 
  • AP European History 
  • AP World History
  • US History 
  • AP US History
  • US Government 
  • AP US Government
  • Current Issues
  • Psychology
  • AP Psychology 
  • Sport Psychology
  • Financial Literacy
  • Law Enforcement
  • Student Government