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Last modified: December 7, 2018

Career Interest Inventory

Intro to Career Interest Profiles

Utah Futures has several in depth Interest Inventories, or

Choose the two descriptions below that sound the most like you. When you are finished, click the read more and follow the links to discover possible courses for your Career Interest Areas here at Timpview High School.

Realistic–Technical, “The Doers”

If I have time like to fix things or take them apart to find how they work I like working with tools and machines or plants and animals. I’m mechanically inclined and like to work with my hands. People describe me as handy, practical and active. I would enjoy a job where I could use tools to build or repair things, not sit behind a desk or be outdoors.


Courses for “The Doer”

Investigative– STEM, “The Thinkers”

I like to study—it might be math or a science. Learning and understanding are a priority for me. I might enjoy knowing how the body works. People might describe me as intellectual or innovative. I would enjoy a job that challenges me mentally.


Courses for “The Thinker”

Artistic, Arts and Communications, “The Creators”

I like to do creative activities such as art, drama, crafts, dance, music, or creative writing. Sometimes people tell me that I am creative or that I have a good imagination. I like being original or independent. I value the arts. I would enjoy a job that lets me express myself or entertains people.


Courses for “The Creator”

Social-Social & Human Services – “The Helper”

I like being with people and helping them. People tell me that I am helpful, caring friendly and trustworthy. I would enjoy a job that helps people solve their problems or that makes things better for other people.


Courses for “The Helper”

Enterprising-Business – “The Persuader”

I am good at leading people or selling things or ideas. People might describe me as energetic, ambitious or sociable. I am a go-getter. I would enjoy a career in politics, leadership or business.


Courses for “The Persuader”

Conventional-Administration – “The Organizer”

I enjoy arranging things—everything from a party to a research paper. Sometimes people tell me that I am organized and tidy. I would be good at a job where there are clear, specific or structured directions and where I could carry a task from beginning to end.


Courses for “The Organizer”