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Last modified: December 31, 2019

Fit for Life

Class Description

Fit for Life is a general course in physical education with fitness and wellness components. The fitness component will be activities such as; aerobic dancing, circuit training and toning, power walk and run, team and individual sports. The wellness component will be classroom activities focusing on nutrition, eating disorders, body composition testing, and injuries.


Disclosure Form

Assignments & Power Point Presentations

Study Guides:

Participation Make-Up Dates :

Make-up assignments need to be submitted within one week of your absence. If you need more time, please communicate with Coach Bailey. Make-up options are posted on canvas and my website. You can come in during consultation for a timed two mile run or lifting in the weight room (available only during/after the weights unit). Or you can run two miles on your own but you must follow the instructions online. If your absence is due to an injury or illness and you are unable to participate for an extended amount of time please contact Coach Bailey to discuss alternative make-up options.

If you are unable to come during consultation you have two options to run your two miles

Turn in a paragraph within one week of your absence including the following




*Date Missed



*Where you ran

*How long it took you

*Three selfies. I need to see sweat:)

The first selfie has to be taken with your face and watch showing your start time. Example 5:30 p.m. or 12:15 p.m. NOT 00:00 on a stop watch. The actual time of day.

The second, and third selfies need to be taken with your face showing your time at the end of each mile. Mile one and mile two.


If you have a smart watch that will track your distance, time, calories, heart rate etc., you can simply send me the workout summary. No selfies needed.