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All Schools – 2 Hour Late Start Today (1/5/17)

Due to extremely icy road conditions throughout the city, it has been decided that all Provo Schools will have a 2 hour late start today.  This means that each school will begin 2 hours after it’s normal start time, and buses will pick up students 2 hour after the normal pick up time.

This also means that:

  1. All morning kindergarten classes and preschool classes will be cancelled for the day.
  2. All elementary after school programs will be cancelled.
  3. All secondary after school programs will be determined by each school.
  4. Due to the late start, breakfast will not be served in the morning.

Parents are once again encouraged to do what they feel is in the best interest of their students.  All absences and tardies will be excused.  If you choose to keep your child home, please call the school.

Late Start Schedule –
Period 1/2
– 10:26
56 Minutes
Period 3/4
– 11:28
56 Minutes
Period 5/6
11:34 – 12:30
56 Minutes
12:30 – 1:18
48 Minutes
Period 7/8
1:19 – 2:15
56 Minutes

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