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Timpview Community Council

Timpview Community Council

Meeting Dates/Times, Members and Notes for 2013-14

Timpview’s Community Council meets on a Tuesday of each month at 2:30 pm in the Main Office Conference Room.
Meeting dates are as follows:

  •  September 16th
  • October 22nd
  • November 26th Agenda
  •  January 28th
  •  February 25th
  •  March 25th
  •  April 22nd

Informational Documents

Minutes from 2013-14 Council Meetings

School Members Email Phone
Todd McKee, Principal toddm@provo.edu 801.221.9720
Brian Mangum (15) brianm@provo.edu 801.221.9720
Cynthia Carter (15) cynthiac@provo.edu 801.221.9720
Nate Warner (14) natew@provo.edu 801.221.9720
Genet Orme (15) geneth@provo.edu 801.221.9720
Parent Members
Lisa Jensen (14) raising5jensens@yahoo.com 801.375.9260
Eleanor McBride (15) eleanormcb@gmail.com 801.787.9504
Amy Andrus (15) ames@tinypineapple.com 801.369.2174
Rhonda Wall (15) rbwall@gmail.com 801.502.7375
Herbert Stoddard (14) herbstoddard@aol.com 801.369.8854
Mitzi Collins (14) Mitzicollins6@gmail.com 801.374.5770 (h)
801.368.2717 (c)

Council Members 2013-14 in PDF format

Meeting Dates and Times for 2012

The time is always 2:30 to 3:30 in the Main Office conference room and the dates wil be:
Nov 12th
Dec 17th
Jan 28th
Feb 19th
Mar 11th
Apr 15th

Timpview High School Community Council Mid-year 2012-13 Report

The Timpview High School Community Council met three times in 2011 and will meet January 23, February 13, March 19, April 23, and May 21, 2012. For the past two years, the community council has funded the “Bridge Program” which is intended to mentor and shepherd at-risk 9th grade students. The Council has devoted the vast majority of its funds to pay salaries for the Bridge mentors. This year’s council is carefully reviewing data on the program to ensure that results justify continued funding.

The council has continued to fund Timpview’s on-campus ACT prep program which provides an ACT review course twice each year to help students prepare for, and perform better on the ACT test. The council also voted to fund ACT preparatory testing for 9th grade students, which will happen on March 6, 2012, the same day sophomores and juniors will also be doing ACT testing.

The council is continuing to explore ways we can improve the technology resources and training for faculty and students. The council has also been doing an internal audit of funds allocated and spent over the past couple of years to ensure that all funds are accounted for. And finally, the council met to provide input on the hiring of the new Provo School District Superintendent. The council filled out the district survey and submitted it to the school board for consideration.

The council welcomes any who would like to attend meetings, make funding requests or proposals, or provide feedback on programs or policies the council is involved in.

The 2012 Community Council members include:

  • Clay Bingham, clayb@provo.edu
  • Nate Warner, natew@provo.edu
  • Lisa Jensen, raising5jensens@yahoo.com
  • Herbert Stoddard, herbstoddard@aol.com
  • Julie Lloyd, julie@myblueshoe.com
  • Carla Johnson CarlaJ@provo.edu (faculty)
  • Cheryl Bateman cherylmb@bjo.com (parent)
  • Mitzi Collins mitzicollins6@gmail.com (parent chair)
  • Randy Christiansen randy@jaussi-christiansen.com (parent)
  • Coreena White lottawhites@msn.com (parent)
  • Dave Shelton DaveShel@provo.edu (faculty)
  • Todd McKee toddm@provo.edu (principal)

Meeting Minutes