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Drama Courses

Graduation Requirement

  • 1.5 FA credits Any combination of Drama, Art &/or Music

Theatre Foundations I (EL, FA)

  • Duration: Year (1.0)
  • Grades: 9-11
  • Fee: See Fee Schedule

This full year course introduces the beginning student to drama basics. A student may also enter this course 2nd semester. It is designed to build self-confidence, imagination, and teach the rudiments of performing. Units include voice development, movement, pantomime, interpretation, and characterization. Participation in this course provides excellent preparation for involvement in the school plays.

Theatre Foundations II (EL, FA)

  • Duration: Year (1.0)
  • Grades 10-12
  • Prerequisite: Theater Foundations 1 or teacher signature

This course is beneficial to the student interested in being in school plays and drama competitions. Units include some review of Theatre Foundation I skills, scene cutting techniques, character development, staging, and picturization to develop the student’s self image, confidence, and ability to act in plays and film. Emphasis lies on performance in scenes from contemporary, as well as classical plays.

Theatre Foundations III, Advanced Theatre/productions Company (EL, FA)

  • Duration: Year (1.0)
  • Grades: 11-12
  • Course Fee: See Fee Schedule
  • Prerequisite:Theatre Foundations I, II and an Audition

This course is an advanced theatre class for students wishing to further their skills and abilities in theatre through collaborating, planning, designing, and acting in/rehearsing for two full-scale theatre productions (one each semester). Production Company students are also encouraged to participate in annual theatre competitions (Shakespeare competition, region and state competitions, and Thespian region and national festivals). Students will have the opportunity to work with professionals in the industry who will be brought in as guest artists throughout the year. The work and advanced acting training students will complete in this class will further help build their college prep/audition portfolios. Students can enter at the semester upon auditioning for the teacher.

Film History And Appreciation (EL, FA)

  • Duration: Semester (0.5)
  • Grades: 10-12
  • Fee: See Fee Schedule

This course studies the development of film as an art form from its inception and growth, continuing throughout the twentieth century. Students will view landmark films and learn about the basis for each development in the progression to present film-making. Students will learn of historic film-makers, their visions and perceptions of the world and society, about styles and film techniques which influenced our present formats. In addition to viewing, discussing, dissecting various films and works, students do research work and make presentations about films. Topics will range from individual film-makers to the studio systems of the 1930’s through the 1950’s, and into present technical advances influencing the movies of today.

Stage Craft/tech Crew (EL, FA)

  • Duration: Year (1.0)
  • Grades: 9-12
  • Prerequisite: None
  • Fee: See Fee Schedule

Students will work behind the scenes to provide lighting, sound, stage management, set construction, makeup, and costumes for all theatrical productions. They will provide technical support for music, and dance productions as well as assemblies and community events. Students will be trained on how to use all stage equipment as well as in all of the elements of theatrical design. They will help with the constructing of all theatrical sets as well. Some work will be during school hours so students must be current with all assignments in affected classes. Enrollment limited to 15-20 students.