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Credit Acceleration

THS Summer School

THS Summer School will be for credit recovery only.  There will not be credit acceleration available.

Provo E-School

Provo School District E-School offers a large variety of classes, thru multiple providers including BYU Independent study and Edgenuity

  • Original credit–Free if taken during the school year as long student has 8 classes or less, but does require a counselor referral
  • Reduced cost in Summer
  • You must meet with a counselor for a referral during the school year.
  • Courses must be completed in the Semester in which student is enrolled or an F will be posted on transcript.
  • e- School Summer School  (Does not require counselor referral, Fees apply please see e-school link)
  • Notice–  Fitness for Life requires 90 days.  There are not 90 days available in Summer, therefore it is NOT a  Summer School Option.

Provo eSchool

BYU  Independent Study–Self Pay

Available thru BYU.  If student is self pay (Not enroll thru Provo E-school), students may complete the course within a 1 year time frame, and there is not a grade penalty for incompletion.

BYU Independent Study

Northridge Learning Center

A local Advanced Ed Accredited option for non-traditional students seeking High School Diploma course credits.

  • Typical .25 Credit cost is $50.

https://www.northridgelearningcenter.com/index.html#/home for more information

Utah Student Online Education

Utah’s online options