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Enterprising – Career Clusters: Finance; Business Management; Marketing & Sales

EnterprisingEnterprising, Marketing and Administration, “The Persuaders”

Influencers– Enterprising people are energetic, independent, enthusiastic, confident, and often dominant. They’re good with words and enjoy organizing, persuading, leading, management, excitement, variety, and status. Economic goals are important. They like activities where they can take a leadership role or speak in front of groups. They may be less interested in performing scientific tasks. They like fast paced activities and ones that require taking on a lot of responsibility. They often solve problems by taking risks.


Administration – Enterprising People

Courses for “The Persuader”


Digital Photo
Design & Visual Communications


Business Management
Leadership Principles
Desktop Publishing
Digital Media IDigital Media II
TV Broadcasting I
TV Broadcasting II
Video Production 1
Video Production 2
Web Page Design
Advanced Web Page Design


Drama I
Drama II
Advanced Drama


 Speech and Debate Team


Beginning ESl
ESL Intermediate English
ESL Advanced English


 Adult Roles
Fashion Strategies

Languages of the World

American Sign Language IAmerican Sign Language II/American Sign Language III
French IFrench II/ French III/ AP French IV / AP French V
German I / German II / German 1020 / German Honors 1020 / AP German IVAP German V
Japanese I / Japanese II / Japanese III Japanese IV
Spanish I / Spanish II / Honors Spanish II / Spanish III / Honors Spanish 3 / Honors Spanish 3 Native/ Native AP Spanish / IVAP Spanish IV
Chinese i / Chinese II / Chinese IIILatinos in Action


AP Statistics


Geography / Geography HonorsWorld Civilization / AP European History / AP World HistoryUS History / AP US History US Government / AP US GovernmentCurrent Issues Psychology  /  AP Psychology  /  Sport PsychologyFinancial LiteracyLaw EnforcementStudent Government

Ideas Interest Inventory Areas

Public SpeakingOfficeManagementSales

Public Speaking     / Office Management      /      Sales